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  • New Spotify App Updates for Windows 8
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Spotify is used by thousands of people regularly, so it's no surprise that the Spotify app is immensely popular. Originally, Spotify rolled out on Windows 7, but the app has since made it to Windows 8. Back in February, the Spotify app for Windows 8 was released in beta, but now the app is official.

If you've been playing around with Spotify for Windows 8 for awhile, you'll notice that the app has been updated. What's included in this update? Plenty of things to appease all the Windows 8 Spotify users out there. Here's a first look at what you'll find with the new Spotify for Windows 8.

Inside the Updated Spotify for Windows 8

The new Spotify app includes various offline playlist options; additional languages; and track scrubbing. That last feature is something that app users have been wanting for awhile now. What is track scrubbing? Essentially "scrubbing" means fast forwarding through a track in order to get to a different part of that track.

Scrubbing comes in visual form in this version of the Windows 8 app. You can see how far you have scrubbed and effectively view scrubbing details. While all of these updates are ready to roll, Spotify has issued a statement to all Windows 8 users that it could take a few hours to access all of the updates.

The update is supposed to officially launch today, but you may have to wait a bit before that update actually shows up in your app. Not a Spotify user? Not sure why you might want to use this app?

Spotify Clarified

Spofity is a music streaming service, and it was also one of the first streaming services available. The Spotify app is available on iOS, Android, and now on Windows 8. This app is subscription-based, so you will have to pay around $10 per month to use the streaming service. Is the Spotify app worth the monthly fee?

It all depends on how much you listen to music. If you can't live without music and you need streaming accessibility around the clock, Spotify is probably worth the monthly fee. If you aren't into music that much, you might want to just stick with single track downloads.

Spotify has received decent reviews across the board where the app is concerned, and these new Windows 8 updates will improve the quality of the app on the Windows platform.

Pricing and Other Details

If you use Windows 8, you can get this app for free with subs right now. As mentioned, the app might not be completely updated yet, but this update is certainly coming today, so just wait. There are all kinds of places to download the new app update from, but I suggest going right to the source.

Unfortunately, Spotify is only available in the United States right now. Sorry, Canada (and all other countries), you don't get a chance to check out this app update right now. There is no word as to whether or not Spotify will be coming to other countries, but we can always keep our fingers crossed.