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  • Spotify Adds Streaming Video
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In an effort to attract more users, Spotify is cleaning up its act. In addition to making music matches more relevant to use preferences, the company will soon also offer videos by musicians, TV networks, and various media outlets.

The company is competing with various other streaming options, and video was the next logical step.

New Recommendations

Spotify is adding some new recommendation options to its streaming system. Now, users can choose songs to listen to based on activities. For example, “songs to listen to while singing in the shower” is an option that someone can choose if they want to sing really loudly, or actually sing in the shower. The new platform will also suggest music to users that is more in line with what those users like to listen to regularly. This is similar to what streaming music option Pandora already offers, and it’s something that Spotify users will want to see more of.

In addition to offering better music suggestions to users, Spotify has also struck deals with major media outlets in order to show streaming videos to users. Some of those new outlets include Slate, Vice, ABC, and BBC amongst others. If a user is looking for new content through the video option, Spotify will deliver through new streaming video media.

Original Content Too

The company has also told press that some original Spotify content is in the works as well. So, you could see some new Spotify videos showing up when you search for music or videos to listen to. What kinds of content Spotify will create is unknown right now, but the company does have to compete with other streaming options offering similar content. Of course, Spotify is not alone when it comes to the streaming arena.

Not only does Spotify have to compete with other streaming companies like Pandora that are already established, the company also has to compete with new streaming options like the one that will be offered by Apple and Beats. Additionally, apps like Snapchat are proving to provide some heavy competition where video is concerned. Even though Spotify has around 60 million users, companies like Snapchat are also gaining users quickly.

A Spotify Video Option?

Will Spotify be able to attract new users and keep old with the addition of video content and original video content from the company itself? It’s hard to tell, but it will be a transitional period for some people that are simply used to Spotify being a streaming music option. The company will roll out these changes over the next month, and you may already be able to access some news and other videos if you live in the US right now.

The streaming music arena is getting crowded with a number of companies vying for a top spot. While Spotify remained at the top of the streaming crowd for a long time, this isn’t going to be the case in just a short while. In order to stay on top, companies have to evolve, and that’s exactly what Spotify is trying to do. The question is, will Spotify evolve the right way?