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  • Next Up: Angry Birds Star Wars
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Rovio is at it again. This time, George Lucas is in tow. The Angry Birds that you know and love are donning Start Wars costumes. Angry Birds Star Wars will be reaching an iOS or Android store near you on November 8th. Everyone’s favorite red bird will take on the role of Luke Skywalker while those Angry Piggies will become the Evil Empire. If you didn’t love Angry Piggies and couldn’t quite get the point of Amazing Alex, you’ll be happy to know that Rovio isn’t messing around with the Angry Birds formula this time.

You’ll be able to fling those birds across your screen at evil pigs when Angry Birds Star Wars is released. The new game will feature Star Wars music, birds and pigs dressed accordingly, and plenty of Star Wars wisdom. Even if you are tired of Angry Birds, the Star Wars version will be a must have game. Rovio is expecting this game to be so big that the company is even thinking outside of the app box.

Costumes and Plush Toys Galore

Would you dress up in an adult-sized Star Wars Angry Bird costume? Rovio is betting that some fanatics will. Three different Star Wars/Angry Birds costumes will be sent to various Toys-R-Us locations within the next month. These costumes will include two birds and one pig outfit. At first glance, it’s hard to see why anyone would want to dress up as an Angry Birds/Star Wars character, but it takes all kinds, right? If costumes aren’t your thing, there’s always a plush toy option.

Rovio will be creating and selling plush Angry Birds/Star Wars toys within the next two months too. These toys will also be sold at Toys-R-Us, and you can get your paws (er, feathers) on them as soon as the Angry Birds Star Wars game is released. As far as gameplay goes, you can expect everything that you love from Angry Birds with a Star Wars twist.

Rovio Sticks With the Tried and True

The object of the Angry Birds Star Wars game is to kill those Evil Empire pigs. You can do this by sending Luke the bird towards a pig in his path. Just pull back that slingshot and let you bird fly. You won’t have to build any carts or create any shelves in order to play this game -- just mind-numbing bird flinging. Rovio might have learned with its last two game releases that fame is fleeting. While the company tried to entice Angry Birds fans with Bad Piggies (this game did enjoy some success) and Amazing Alex, fans simply want those flingable birds. So, Rovio is sticking with those Angry Birds.

Interestingly, there’s no talk of a bird-like Yoda yet. But, the game may include some displayed words written in a Yoda-like fashion. Or, Yoda might be the narration behind the game. It’s hard to imagine a Star Wars-based game without Yoda. If you’re a true Angry Birds addict, you’ll want to download this game (usual $.99 purchase price should apply) on November 8th – it’s sure to be an epic hit.