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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Game
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If you play online games, chances are that the most important and recognizable title to you is World of Warcraft. This is something that the developers behind Star Wars: The Old Republic want to change. The new game has finally come to an Internet near you, and first reviews of the game are promising (as they should be, since this game has been in production for a few years now!). Star Wars: The Old Republic has been open to a select few for some time now, but the game will be available to the larger gaming population as a whole on December 20th.

Why is this game so special and what makes BioWare so sure that this game will thrive? Well, the numerous Star Wars fans out there, for one thing. For another, this game may actually prove to be good competition for the popular World of Warcraft. After all, World of Warcraft has dominated the online gaming scene for many years now, isn’t it about time that something else comes along? BioWare (and Star Wars fans alike) certainly seems to think so.

Game Setup

Interestingly, BioWare has taken some cues from World of Warcraft when it comes to the game’s setup. While not exactly similar the opening sequence of the game does remind one of the World of Warcraft. You’ll train in a hidden area until you become good enough to go out and fight some bad guys, and as you become stronger you will gain additional power and rankings. The premise of this game is simple enough, which is why BioWare believes that many gamers will find the new Star Wars game easy to play.

But, more importantly, is it fun? First reviewers have reported that Star Wars: The Old Republic is, indeed, a lot of fun to play. Rich graphics make this game stand out while a well thought-out storyline makes the game interesting enough to keep a gamer hooked. In addition, even though this is a single-player game (technically), you can communicate with other players – always a bonus when it comes to online gaming.

MMO Rich

BioWare scores big points for providing gamers with a MMO (massive multiplayer online) game. As you progress through the Star Wars: The Old Republic game, you will meet other online players who you can stop and chat with. You can discuss strategies, chat away, or find out something you didn’t know about the game from another player. Really, online games should all have MMO features, and this game doesn’t disappoint.

Unlike World of Warcraft, even though you may share adventures with other players, you do not need to mesh your current game with someone else’s game. Instead, you can continue along your singular path. This difference may entice many gamers, though some may prefer to work in groups. Either way, Start Wars: The Old Republic certainly sounds like an online game that’s worth a try. If you’re an avid gamer or you just happen to love all things Star Wars, you’ll enjoy this fun story and great game.