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  • ‘Star Wars’ Pinball: It’s Happening!
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When was the last time you saw a pinball machine? Pinball machines still exist in dusty corners of old arcades, but they are far from being a regular sight.

One company called Zen Studios isn’t letting go of the pinball craze that once was. Zen Studios still makes pinball games – of the digital sort.

The latest smartphone pinball game to come from Zen Studios is ‘Star Wars.’ In collaboration with Lucasarts, the Zen Studios ‘Star Wars’ game is based on those pinball games of old.

Using your smartphone, you can sling balls around a colorful pinball board. The difference here is that 3D characters will act out certain scenes depending on your failures or successes. Ah, the beauty of technology, allowing pinball games to come to life!

Famous scenes from Star Wars films will be acted out in front of your very eyes as you play your way through the new Zen Studios game. Watch as Luke and Darth fight it out on your screen when you have a successful game! Needless to say, Zen Studios is enjoying a lot of success with the company’s latest Star Wars pinball game.

Three Different Star Wars Games

Zen Studios has created three unique Star Wars pinball games for you to select from. These games include ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ ‘ The Clone Wars,’ and ‘Boba Fett.’ Each game is set against a unique background that pertains directly to the movie. Fore example, ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ is set on a Star Destroyer.

Thanks to technology, each of these games really comes alive with plenty of excellent graphics and seriously dense colors. Zen Studios hopes to capture some true Star Wars fans with the new games, but also some new fans that might simply be attracted by the ability to play pinball on a smartphone.

The whole lineup of Zen Studios pinball games is currently available on a number of platforms including iOS and Android. You can also check out what Zen Studios has to offer through Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Vita, and Windows 8.

The Star Wars games cost around $2 to purchase, though I’m betting that you’ll get a lot of use out of those two bucks! If you’ve ever played a real pinball game before, you know just how addicting these games can be. Now, imagine a pinball game with amazing graphics and 3D character fights! Can you see why Zen Studios is about to blow up?

You may soon be seeing a lot more Star Wars games from Zen Studios too. Now that Disney owns LucasFilm, a number of Star Wars spinoff movies are in the works.

While Zen Studios was not aware of this merger prior to obtaining the rights to create Star Wars games, the company can only profit from these new movies. If you love new and interesting games, Star Wars, or pinball machines, you have to check out what Zen Studios is doing.

Zen Studios’ Star Wars pinball games (all three) are currently available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Make sure to check these out!