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  • Starbucks to Offer Free Apple Apps
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Starbucks and Apple go hand-in-hand. The two companies seem like a natural fit. Starbucks slings tasty coffee while Apple slings the latest technology. When combined, Starbucks and Apple are a fairly unbeatable team. Both companies discovered this when Starbucks began offering customers weekly iTunes music selections.

Now, Starbucks and Apple are ready to offer loyal coffee customers a new promotion: one free app per week. Of course, this app will be available through the iPhone App Store only. News of the newest offering from Apple and Starbucks has just hit headlines, but it’s already starting to make waves.

Get Your Free App

First, I should preface the free Starbucks iPhone app news by saying that this offer is only valid in the United States (sorry!). Second, you’ll have to actually visit a Starbucks store in order to take advantage of the current weekly app offer. Once there, you’ll see small Starbucks “pick of the week” app cards next to the cash register.

Pick up one of those cards, look at the information on the back (directions or special codes), and head to the App Store. You should be able to download a free app once you follow the instructions. If you visit your local Starbucks every week, you can pick up a free app.

Why This Plan Is a Brilliant One

Some people like the tunes that Starbucks and Apple promote. Others simply don’t like any of the songs that can be gained for free for hanging out at a local Starbucks location. But, nearly everyone who has an iPhone can benefit from a free app. Especially since downloading that app is simple given the fact that Starbucks offers free Wi-Fi.

Rumor has it that Starbucks plans on kicking off the new weekly app pick with the popular Shazam app. Currently, the upgraded version of Shazam (Shazam Encore) is $5.99. That’s a lot to pay for an app, but Shazam is really handy. Instead of paying for Shazam, now you can simply head to the closest Starbucks, and pick up the app for free (this week, at least). Not sure where the closest Starbucks is? There’s an app for that too –really!

Should You Buy Starbucks Coffee?

Well, that depends on how much you like the sweet brews that Starbucks spits out. If you already spend more than five dollars per day on a latte, you may as well get a free app to go with it. If Starbucks and Apple continue to offer apps of the $5 sort, the app that you pick up each week will be well worth it.

In fact, it’s kind of like getting your latte for free. Or, you can be really cheap and just buy a bottle of water from Starbucks to get the app. Technically, you don’t need to buy anything at all, but that’s just scamming the system.

The fact that Starbucks and Apple keep working together is a good business move on both parts. Starbucks does a great job at promoting its products, and nobody is better than Apple when it comes to creating a buzz. You may hate both of these corporations as so many people love to do, but you can’t deny the fact that Starbucks and Apple are a match made in heaven.