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  • Starbucks Mobile Pay Is A Huge Success
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Starbucks launched the company’s mobile pay platform just over one year ago. Today, Starbucks announced that one out of every four customers pays through some kind of card (this includes mobile payments). So, how many people are buying lattes with mobile phones? Nearly six billion mobile transactions have occurred since the product was launched says Starbucks execs. That means that more than 110 million dollars have been loaded onto Starbucks mobile payment apps – quite a large number when you think about it.

Originally, Starbucks mobile payments were only launched at a few coffee locations mostly in large cities like New York and L.A, so it makes sense that most of the mobile transactions counted by the company’s marketing team have taken place in these areas. What has Starbucks taught other companies by rolling out these impressive numbers? Mobile marketing is the wave of the future, and it does work if it’s done right.

The Starbucks Marketing Team

You may not see much of a point when it comes to some Starbuck’s apps. After all, turning a holiday cup into an interactive scene isn’t exactly a necessity. However, the Starbuck’s mobile app is something that more companies should pay attention to. It used to be that mobile websites were something that companies needed to have, but now apps are becoming the clear winner. Building an iOS or Android app may be a bit on the pricey side, but consumers love the convenience of being about to swipe a smartphone in order to pay for a coffee.

In addition to brining Starbucks mobile, the Starbucks marketing team has created something that consumers want. More often than not, consumers rely on their smartphones for nearly everything from finding a store to surfing the web, so why would a tech-savvy consumer want to carry around a wallet when that all-in-one smartphone will do the trick? Simply put, making the move towards a mobile app was a highly intelligent move that was brilliantly executed. Sure, Starbucks took a gamble with this venture, but it’s one gamble that provided a very good ROI.

A Company Worth Watching

Starbucks is a company worth watching if you are an investor of any sort. This coffee company has a long history of making bold marketing moves, and mobile payments are certainly something that isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, you are bound to see more companies adopting the Starbucks mobile payment policy within the near future. If you aren’t familiar with mobile payments, look for a mobile scanner at the next Starbucks you visit (you can find these locations by looking at the Starbucks website). If you have a smartphone, you can use your phone to pay for your next purchase.

Starbucks is well on its way to showing other large companies how mobile payments can be done right the first time around. The Starbucks mobile payment app is simple to use, doesn’t come with a crowded interface, and can be downloaded for free through the App Store. This app is also available through the Blackberry store.