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  • Nintendo is Releasing Another Mini NES - This One Has Starfox 2
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Nintendo just made long-time fans very, very, happy. The company is releasing a mini version of the classic Super Nintendo system. The ‘Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System’ or ‘Mini SNES’ will launch on September 29th and retail for $79.

The Classic System

Nintendo has had some success with newer titles, but the company thrives on old classics. The original NES came with beloved titles such as Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart, and Yoshi’s Island. Original NES gamers will remember these titles, which is why Nintendo is aiming for with the release of this mini console.

With this (presumably) limited release, Nintendo will also be releasing titles like The Legend of Zelda (a Link to the Past and Secret of Mana), Super Mario World, Super Punch Out, and Star Fox 2. Star Fox 2 is the surprise addition here. The sequel to the original Star Fox was supposed to debut back in 1999, but Nintendo shifted focus at that time. Now, it’s back.

Old School All the Way

The Mini NES will not come with any kind of Internet connectivity. The console will come with an HDMI cable so you can plug it into a modern flat screen, but that’s as modern as the console gets. The whole thing looks exactly like the original console - gray body with purple buttons and all. The only difference is that this version is smaller.

You might not have noticed it back then, but another version of the mini NES launched last autumn. The original mini NES sold out quickly and was well-received, but, at the time, Nintendo was focusing on the Switch console. Switch might be the reason why the first mini NES wasn’t reproduced.

What’s Different?

Last Fall when the original mini NES was released, some critics noted that the console was nothing more than a gimmick. After all, the games released on the original mini were easily discoverable online and through downloads. This time around, Nintendo added a special touch. The mini that is coming out in September will include the Star Fox 2 game - a game that cannot be found anywhere else.

A game that avid Nintendo fans will want to get their hands on. I’m not going to say that this Mini NES isn’t a gimmick. It is. But it’s something more than that too. It’s nostalgia wrapped in an original game package. It’s also really fun to have around. Even if you got rid of your old NES ages ago, the mini is a nice little walk down memory lane - only with a new game in tow.

Other Nostalgic Notes

Atari also announced recently that it was working on a new console. That’s right, Atari. Why are these companies moving back to old consoles? Or, better yet, why are these companies moving towards hardware and away from mobile? It’s hard to say, but a good guess is that these companies are suspecting a trend away from mobile and towards more tangible things.

The new Nintendo console will be released at the end of September in the US.