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A new startup in San Francisco is making a lot of headlines. The startup is called Man Servants, and it’s exactly what you think it is. Anyone can hire the buff and rugged men that work for the startup to attend soirees, galas, send to a friend as a gift, or to use for everyday tasks like working as a bodyguard or shopping for groceries.

Interested in hiring your own Man Servant? Here’s how the service works.

Using Man Servant

The company is launching this fall in San Francisco, but the basic idea is to allow women to hire one or a bunch of men to complete everyday tasks, or to act as dates for various social engagements. The company claims that its services are completely PG, and there’s a rather hefty contract that both women and men have to sign prior to working together.

The company was founded by two women that wanted a service where men could be rented for a daily or nightly fee, and without resorting to something like a stripper for a bachelor party. Once that concept was developed, Man Servant was born. Since the company hasn’t actually launched yet, it’s hard to determine what the service will include. But, you can watch the video (hilarious) on the company’s website to get a better idea.

Building Your Manservant

The company will let women pick the kind of man she wants by asking for a particular look, type, and dress code. From there, you can decide on what you want your servant to do, and you can even name him before he arrives at your home. The idea is to provide women with a man that treats her like royalty, and it’s a policy that the startup takes seriously.

The startup is also hiring manservants that want to work for the company. According to the website, all manservants must go through training, a background test, and a few interviews. Men that pass the first few stages and go through training will be rented out to women. The site doesn’t list any rates right now, but I’ll bet that manservants aren’t going to be cheap. The startup is expected to launch on September 1st, but you can sign up for a manservant right now if you live in San Francisco.

A Market Or Not

There’s some debate as to whether or not there’s an actual market for the Man Servant service. Some believe that there’s no real demand for this startup, and others believe that it will quickly replace what strippers do for bachelorette parties and other events. Plus, Man Servant hires will be able to attend any kind of event, not just a girl party. Frankly, I think there might be a small demand for Man Servant, but I don’t see this service expanding quickly.

Ladies, would you hire a manservant through Man Servant? Or, is this a service that you’d never really use? If you do want your own man servant, you can sign up on the website now.