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Since prospective employers always have the upper hand over job seekers, these employers often have very little regard for a job seeker’s feelings. Often, job seekers send in an application, go through the interview process, and then are met with radio silence for a long period of time. Questions like: “did I get the job?” or “what’s happening with that job?” are often left unanswered as employers fill positions without letting job seekers know. Sure, there’s the follow-up email or phone call, but these follow-ups often result in very little feedback (if any).

Well, a New Hampshire company called StartWire is setting out to change all of this. StartWire aims to let job seekers know about the status of a job application. If a position has closed, StartWire will list this position as closed on the site. If an employer has stalled the hiring process, job seekers who use StartWire will be informed of this change too. In short, anything that’s happening on the employer end of the deal will be transparent through StartWire.

How StartWire Works

First, I’ll start off by stating that this service is absolutely free to use. Now, the details: when you sign up for StartWire, you will have to provide the site with some basic information about yourself. You will also have to list the jobs that you’ve applied to (the most important detail here is listing the companies that you have sent applications to). After you’ve applied, StartWire will begin tracking your application and tracking what that potential employer is up to hiring-wise.

If anything about the position you’ve applied to changes, StartWire will send you notifications about the status change right away. This way, you can know whether you should give your interviewer a call or simply start looking for another job. In more ways than one, StartWire is a brilliant service that many job seekers will find extremely useful. In fact, this website may even help the current job market, in a way.

Finally, Some Feedback

It’s hard enough looking for a job when you’re out of work, you don’t need to go through the stress of complete silence from a prospective employer. Employers might not set out to ignore applicants, but this is, in fact, what happens. More often than not, applicants begin to question their abilities, comb over resumes, and start to wonder why they were never called back for that job. Now, job seekers will finally have some feedback about a job application.

Employers, if you’re out there take a moment to consider what StartWire is trying to say: give job seekers a break by listing a position as closed, stalled, or otherwise. This way, those people who are looking for a job can just move on. Frequently, job seekers who think that they have a good shot at a job don’t bother sending out additional resumes, and this is counter-productive in so many ways. Thanks to StartWire, job seekers will now have an answer to a sent resume.

Signing Up

If you are in the job market, and you’ve sent out applications galore, head over to StartWire to see where the job you are seeking stands. In no time, you will find out if you have snagged the job of your dreams or if that job has gone to someone else. Either way, you’ll be happy to know what happened to that available job once you sent out your resume.