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  • This Chrome Extension Will Block Star Wars Spoilers
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If you’re a Star Wars fan and haven’t had a chance to see the latest episode, there’s something you can do about all those spoilers on the Internet.

There’s a new Chrome extension that will block anything Star Wars related, so you can surf in peace knowing that the secrets of The Force will remain a secret until you have a chance to make it to the theater.

The Force Block Extension

The Chrome extension that you’ll want to add is called ‘The Force Block.’ This extension will make it impossible to see anything that has to do with Star Wars spoilers. The extension works by blocking any page that has too many references to the latest Star Wars film. You can trust The Force Block to go through each page you intend to visit, scour the page for Star Wars details, and simply prevent you from seeing anything on that page.

Instead of seeing that spoiler content, you will see a black space on the page that includes a warning about a potential spoiler. So you can still go to any page you want to, but you won’t have to worry about a ruined Star Wars experience. If you decide that you want to know about a potential spoiler anyway, you can choose to see the blocked content regardless of what it contains. The choice is yours.

The One Downside

Since the Chrome extension can’t really read what’s on each page that you may want to visit, it is possible that pages that do not contain any kind of spoiler content may be blocked. This means that you may not be able to view news pages that just mention the new film. Then again, if not hearing about anything to do with the film is really important to you, it may not matter that you can’t see some pages that mention the movie minimally.

Your only other choice is to skip using the Internet entirely in order to avoid any possible spoilers. This might be the harder thing to do for obvious reasons (not sure your boss would appreciate the “I don’t want to see any spoilers!” excuse!). The extension is easy to download, use, and install, and it will prevent that dreaded spoiler thing from happening - seems like a no-brainer if you are a serious Star Wars fan, right?

Where to Find It

Simply look for The Force Block Chrome extension and download it. From there, you will see a set of simple instructions that let you know how to use the app and what to expect. The app is already in use by hundreds of Star Wars fans that don’t want to know too much about the upcoming film. Once the film comes out on Friday, it might be harder to find any website pages that don’t mention some kind of spoiler, though, so make sure to use the extension if you can’t see the film for some time.

This is the first extension to come out that will prevent you from seeing or hearing too much about the new film, though others may pop up. The extension is free to use and is simple to use too, so if you don’t want to hear anything about the film, make sure to use it!