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  • Starz Pulls Content from Netflix
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Netflix has been having a lot of problems lately (an understatement, I know). First, the company hiked rental rates overnight (in order to push Netflix streaming content), then (when faced with anger from customers) Netflix lowered prices once again, and this was followed by streaming content that was subpar. Now, Starz is pulling out of Netflix due to some conflicts that the two companies couldn’t work out. This is a big deal for those who subscribe to Netflix – and an even bigger deal to those who subscribe to Netflix’s streaming service.

'What the Starz Pull Out Means

Now that Starz has officially announced that the company will pull all content from Netflix, those who have some Starz movies in their queues may want to watch those movies as soon as possible. By the end of this week, that content will no longer be available. In case you’re wondering, Starz content included lots of children’s titles like Tangled and Toy Story 3. In order to fill the children’s content void, Netflix will start streaming content from DreamWorks in 2013. Netflix users will also start seeing a lot of originally Netflix programming that’s mostly aimed at children.

While the news that Starz is pulling content from Netflix might not mean anything to those users who don’t often watch Starz movies and shows, this might not be the first company to say goodbye to Netflix. If you consider the fact that Netflix has faced a lot of negative press over the past few years, there are bound to be a number of companies that don’t want anything to do with Netflix. In short, there’s a good possibility that some other big name content providers may be cutting ties with Netflix in the near future. Then again, this is mere speculation.

Can Netflix Get It Together?

The streaming content that Netflix provides is somewhat limited in the states, but it’s even more limited in Canada. There’s a decent market for Netflix in Canada, but the content that’s available through streaming in the North is sparse. Seemingly, Netflix really needs to get it together if the company wants to be the only streaming service provider in North America as a whole. Right now, few others companies match what Netflix is providing, though Netflix might not corner the market for much longer.

On the flip side, any startup that has been considering offering a service that’s comparable to Netflix might decided not to go the streaming content route, since Netflix has made a giant mess of consumer relations. Of course, this is also a good lesson for any up and coming competing company to consider. In the end, Netflix should shape up its available streaming content if the company wants to keep subscribers. I’m not sure that losing Starz was the best way to show consumers that Netflix streaming service is still going strong. If you subscribe to Netflix streaming service in Canada or in the states, let me know if Starz’s new position will impact your viewing.