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  • Steam Is Still Going Strong
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Steam turned ten this year and is about to close off the year with a giant bang. Presently, there are more than 64-million people using Steam. That's an impressive number, and it's a number that beats out Xbox Live's users. Why is Steam so darn popular? It has a lot to do with free and available games. It also has a ton to do with simplicity.

Why Gamers Love Steam

A lot of the new Steam signups have to do with the game Dota 2. This is the ultimate multi-player game, and it's one that will suck you in within the first hour of gameplay. Dota 2 is not, by any means, an easy game to get the hang of at first, but it's one that just keeps calling you back time and again. Did I also mention that it's free to play Dota 2 through Steam? Yeah, that has a lot to do with the reason why million of people are using Steam.

But, Dota 2 isn't the only reason. Steam has such a massive gaming library that it's hard not to find what you're looking for. If you think back ten years, you may remember some titles that have disappeared now. Well, that's not the case with Steam. All of those classic titles are still around through Steam, and you can really play, download, and use most of them right away.

New Stuff Too

Steam is also on top of the new stuff. Upcoming titles are often offered for pre-sale, and the site just works without any real hiccups. I also love the friend sharing aspect of Steam - invite friends to leap into your game or share your game with a friend or two. It's real social gaming the way it was meant to be.

So, why do so many people prefer Steam over Xbox Live? Microsoft has tried to build a whole gaming ecosystem with Xbox Live. It's a great idea on the surface, but it's also one that many find too complex. Steam, on the other hand, is so basic and straightforward that it's just fun to use. All you really have to do is go to the Steam site, find what you want, and move on. It's simple. And, where games are concerned, simple is a really good thing.

Physical VS. Digital

Plus, other gaming companies still aim to gain users through physical games, and that's no the way that Steam functions. Even though companies like Microsoft are slowly moving into the digital sphere, it's clear that gamers still prefer what Steam has to offer. In other words, Steam isn't going anywhere any time soon, and that's reassuring for many gamers.

If you use Steam, I'd love to know why. What makes this option so much better than, say, what Microsoft offers? Why is Steam great? Is it the game selection, the old-school game options, or something else? Let me know what you love about Steam below (and why you're part of that growing number!).