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  • Introducing Stocial
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Social stock trading is the newest thing within the social world. Various sites have popped up over the past few months that aim to let users in on stock news, data, and current information. Before business news has hit newsstands, sites like Stocial want their users to hear it first. If this sound a lot like the Twitter concept, that’s because it is.

Stocial is a stock trading social platform that uses the Twitter feed to let users know what’s happening within the finance world. Since there’s no faster news outlet than Twitter, Stocial stands a chance at succeeding. In addition to providing users with news and updates, Stocial will include a virtual stock trading platform and some juicy incentives.

Beta Testing

At the moment, Stocial is in beta form. You can head to the Stocial site, submit your email, and hope to be let into the site in order to test it out. Otherwise, you can wait and see whether or not Stocial will blossom. Those who use Stocial will gain access to the latest news from all the top financial news sources including Bloomberg, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal (amongst others).

Stocial will also include a “Stock Pick” section that alerts users to the hottest stocks being picked at any given time. Stocial plans to tempt users by offering various prizes to those who pick and grow stocks. These prizes will include cash and interviews with company heads. Users may also be able to score trading jobs through Stocial (an aspect of the site that the company is currently developing).

A Novel Idea

Stocial is a great idea for a social stock website. In fact, it’s one of the best ideas that’s happened within the stock world in awhile. Not only will Stocial appeal to anyone who’s looking to learn more about investing, or already invests, but it will also provide a way for large companies to seek new trading talent.

After beta testing has been completed, Stocial plans on opening the site to the general public. There’s no word yet when this will officially happen, but rumor has it that Stocial is working on gaining some additional funding before the site opens to all. Often, trading is a scary thought that many people shy away from. Stocial aims to make investments seems easier, friendlier, and more accessible.

Should You Sign Up for Stocial?

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. At the very least, you can sign up for a Stocial account in order to read the latest happenings within the financial world. Or, you can try your hand at investments to see if you can win cash or a job interview. No doubt Stocial will attract people who are already trading experts, but it may attract some who are new to the markets as well.

The fact that Stocial incorporates Twitter feeds is encouraging, since combining the two platforms makes a good deal of sense. The execs over at Stocial also plan on making connecting users with Facebook friends simple. As soon as a Facebook friend signs up to Stocial, any current Stocial friends will be alerted. All things considered, Stocial seems like a refreshing idea for a social stock site.