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  • Stolen Camera Finder: Your Personal Detective
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Losing a computer, cell phone or camera can be devastating. In most cases, cameras and phones are never returned unless these devices include a GPS tracker. This leads to insurance battles and plain frustration. A website developer by the name of Matt Burns has decided to put an end to stolen cameras. Burns created the “Stolen Camera Finder” that helps you track down any stolen camera.

As many thieves around the globe are quickly finding out, tracking down a stolen camera is simple with the Stolen Camera Finder. What’s even better about this program is that it comes with a straightforward interface. Really, it’s impossible not to understand how this program works. Even better, anyone can use Stolen Camera Finder regardless of Internet ability.

How Stolen Camera Finder Works

Almost every photo is attached to a specific serial number. This number can lead a detective, intelligent robot, or great website to tracking down your stolen camera. In the case of the Stolen Camera Finder, this program crawls the web for photos taken by your camera. The program checks out Flickr, and a number of other websites.

Stolen Camera Finder also includes an application for Google Chrome. This extension allows Burns’ program to check every page that you visit. If a page includes a photograph of any kind, Stolen Camera Finder will add this photograph information to your personal database. Thorough and complete, there’s almost no reason not to use Stolen Camera Finder.

A Refreshing Interface

The best thing about Stolen Camera Finder (other than the obvious) is its interface. To use this program, all you have to do is upload a photo that was taken by the camera you lost. Within minutes, all the photos that were taken by your camera will pop up in a nice and organized list. You will be able to find out where photos were taken, what sites your photo is listed on, and who owns your photo.

Seemingly, this will lead you directly to the person who stole your camera. How you contact this person is up to you. We recommend contacting the police, providing authorities with stolen camera information, and letting the experts handle your case. Should you decide to contact a person directly, get ready for some conflict – cameras can be sold to unsuspecting people.

Exceptions to the Stolen Camera Rule

Not all photos contain serial number information. Trying to find out whether or not your photos have this essential information can be tricky. More often than not, modern cameras do include photo serial number details. Older cameras tend to exclude this information.

Another problem will arise if you shoot your photos in RAW format. Stolen Camera Finder can only track down your camera if you upload a JPEG photo file. There’s no other program like Stolen Camera Finder on the Internet. This program combines all of the things that you’d want in an automated camera finder. If you’ve lost your camera recently, give Stolen Camera Finder a try. You never know where your camera may show up.