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Most kids today are tech-savvy. Heck, many kids are far more tech-savvy than adults. So it makes sense that one of the largest textbook publishers in the world, Scholastic, would attempt to tap into that kid market by implementing an eBook app that’s just for kids. Scholastic hasn’t yet made a large leap into the digital world, but as kids become less interested in physical books and more into digital, this is one move that might be a move based on necessity.

Scholastic just launches its own eBook app called Storia for Window PCs. Storia is a children’s book app that only sells books kids will want to read. For many reasons, Storia is bound to become popular with kids and parents all around the world – kids get to read and learn while parents can sit back and relax knowing that a child is happily occupied. If you’re a parent and you’ve been prohibiting the eBook world from your child, Storia might just be one of the few eBook apps that will jive with your parenting style. Here’s more:

Inside Scholatic’s Storia App

Scholastic’s Storia app will include eBooks, Quizzes, a dictionary, and other kid-friendly learning tools. In total, Storia will encompass more than 1,000 titles. Further, kids can search for books according to age, grade level, and other criteria. On the parental side of things, parents will be happy to know that they can check into a child’s progress by using a special progress feature.

Typically, purchasing an eBook is less expensive than purchasing a physical book. Price-wise, titles that exist inside of the Storia app right now range from $2 to around $20. It should also be noted that some of the titles Scholastic is offering have never been available in digital form before. If you have a PC, you can download this app right now. If not, you might have to wait a bit.

Scholastic Is Not Quite Ready for Mac

Scholastic decided to launch Storia for PC first. However, the company has stated that Storia will be available for Mac users in a short while. The Storia app is expected to launch via iPad within the next few weeks too. Eventually, Storia will be everywhere and kids who own different devices should be able to access what Scholastic has set up.

There’s been an interesting move in the publishing world lately towards eBooks. The tech blog The Verge reports that eBooks only make up 5% of Scholatic’s current sales, but there’s no doubt that Storia will help boost those sales. As more and more companies move towards digital books (and more manufacturers like Apple create digital book platforms), any publishers not offering up digital books will likely be left in the dust. For Scholastic, the move to create an entirely new eBook platform is a huge one, though it’s also one that’s bound to pay off for the age-old company.

You might have to wait a few weeks, or months, for Storia if you don’t own a PC right now, but this children’s eBook platform will likely be worth the wait.