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  • Storify Comes to iPad
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For some time now (a long time now, really), journalists around the world have used the web version of Storify. Now, this amazing web application has been turned into an iPad app. This is a huge step for Storify, and it’s also a necessary step. Many iPad users are bound to take advantage of all that Storify has to offer. If you’re not familiar with Storify, here’s what you have been missing.

A Social Media Storytelling Site

There are two ways to tell a story. You can simply write down some words to share with people or you can add words from other people, photos, and your own words. Storfiy lets anyone tell the latter kind of story. By adding photos from Instagram (and your own photos), writing down some words, a clever headline, and adding snippets from Facebook and Twitter, a complete story can be devised. You can also add Wikipedia definitions, bits and pieces from YouTube, Google searches, and links.

If you have a moment or two, I highly recommend heading to Storify in order to create your own story. Really, this site is a lot of fun to play around with – and it’s a great time-waster! Once you’ve created a story, you can share that story with your followers on Twitter or on Facebook. If you own a company, snap a few photos and put together a story for your next promotion – a great way to reach your social media followers!

Storify For iPad

Now that you know what Storify is all about, you can see why the new Storify iPad app is something newsworthy. The advantage to using Storify with an iPad is that you can simply swipe your fingers across the screen in order to add snippets, photos, and other bits to your Storify story. Anyone who has an iPad can now take advantage of this creative and fun storytelling tool – and share a story quickly by connecting to Twitter or Facebook.

It’s also important to point out that Storify is a free iPad app. As far as iPhone goes, there’s no word yet as to whether or not the app will be available via iPhone. Presumably, the iPhone screen isn’t really big enough to play around with all the photos and social media bits that the Storify website lets users incorporate, but the developers behind Storify could very well bring the free Storify app to the iPhone soon enough.

An Intelligent Move

Bringing Storify to the iPad was a great move for this company. The site is mostly used by journalists, and journalists tend to be on the go a lot. Thanks to the new iPad app, journalists can create interactive and social stories on the go at all times – a huge breakthrough. If you have a blog, business, or just want to tell the world a story through photos and other social bits, Storify is the best way to do it – sign up for an account not, it’s free and simple to do.