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  • Is Story and Scriptwriting Software Really Necessary?
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Ideas float around like bumblebees. Sometimes an idea can take off and soar to great heights. Other times, ideas fall to the ground with a large “thump!” Writing a story is largely dependent on your ability to arrange your ideas inside of your head (and on paper). Sometimes, this feat is less than simple.

Scriptwriting software can help you turn an idea for a great movie into an actual script. Story software can transform your ideas or help you breed new ideas through premade storylines. Do you really need story and scriptwriting software? That depends on your current state of mind.

Who Needs Writing Software?

Even the best writers face writer’s block. In fact, the more that you write, the more likely it is that you will have to beat writer’s block a few times (at least). When writer’s block results in a mishmash of ideas, without any real content, you can count on story or script software to take you that extra mile.

On the other hand, if you have a story or script completely organized and ready to roll, you may not need writing assistance. Then again, some Hollywood readers won’t even consider a script that isn’t formatted using certain scriptwriting programs (such as Final Draft).

Should You Decide to Invest

Make sure to choose screenwriting or story software that’s worth your pennies. Apple makes some interesting programs, but many of these haven’t gained a lot of great reviews. Some legendary programs, such as Movie Magic, Scrivener, and Final Draft, are tried and true, though these will cost more than the average program.

When investing in screenwriting or story software, aim for a program that’s simple to use. If you haven’t the first clue about formatting a story or script, a program that automatically formats your text is the way to go. If you need assistance with consistency and storylines, search for a program that includes these features.

A Word About User-Friendliness
When you get into formatting different texts, you also get into a spider web of confusion. A story or screenwriting program that includes a simple interface is worth its weight in gold. It’s also a good idea to find software that includes a help section or help aides.

While user-friendliness is always an important software (of any kind) feature, it’s even more important when it comes to scriptwriting or story programs. Read reviews, figure out where you are in regards to your writing, and decide whether or not you need software help based upon this information.