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  • StreamBoost From Qualcomm
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Having lots of different devices can be lots of fun. The only problem is that gadgets will compete for bandwidth to the death. Trying to watch a movie on a laptop while also playing a high-resolution video game can be a challenge. As a result, your in-home streaming experience will likely be on the slow side.

Attempting to share bandwidth adequately often results in frustration, and that’s just no good. Up until this point, there wasn’t a whole lot that could be done about in-home streaming speeds. Now, Qualcomm has come up with new router technology that aims to boost in-home streaming.

New StreamBoost Router Technology

Qualcomm’s StreamBoost technology prioritizes different gadgets on your network for optimal speed. The concept behind this technology is to continuously juggle bandwidth speeds, so that the right devices gain the most attention when necessary. For example, StreamBoost will determine whether your gaming console or laptop requires the most efficiency depending on the task at hand. Should StreamBoost determine that your laptop running Netflix requires more speed than your current console, you won’t have any problem watching any given program with ease.

StreamBoost will make it possible to use numerous devices at once without always sacrificing the speed of one device over another. In short, StreamBoost is the kind of technology that tech-savvy homes have been waiting for. What’s more Qualcomm has created a nice and smooth StreamBoost interface that allows for close monitoring of all running devices. When new devices are added to a home network, StreamBoost will sort and prioritize those devices accordingly.

Everything is done automatically and can be viewed from the intuitive interface. StreamBoost can also monitoring software that’s currently running on the same machine. The whole system is as efficient as it gets, and Qualcomm is bound to draw a lot of attention with StreamBoost.

StreamBoost Availability

Qualcomm is set to launch StreamBoost at the Consumer Electronics Show happening this coming week. From there, Qualcomm is set to release StreamBoost to general markets across North America. So far, Qualcomm’s newest product looks and sounds like the answer to all in-home networking woes. If you currently run more than one device in your home, are tired of network slowdown, and are looking for a way to efficiently run and monitor your home devices, it sure sounds like Qualcomm has the answer.

There are some additional details about Qualcomm’s new StreamBoost on the company’s main website. Otherwise, keep reading this blog for news from the CES conference, and to learn more about what Qualcomm is offering. Throughout next week, I’ll be keeping you posted on the latest and greatest from CES, and that’s sure to include Qualcomm’s StreamBoost.

There’s no word yet on the price that Qualcomm will be attaching to StreamBoost or when the product will be released. Stay tuned for additional information, specs, and to learn when you can purchase StreamBoost and how much Qualcomm will ask for this network-monitoring tool. Presumably, StreamBoost will be moderately priced for home usage.