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If you’re like ninety-nine percent of the population, you’re sick of the stuff that’s on TV. Who can blame you? There are only so many Chicago police and ambulance shows a person can watch, right? This may prompt you to look for a streaming service that will allow you to stream movies and good television (let’s not even call it television because, let’s face it, it’s way better than anything that’s available on TV right now) shows.

But the problem with a society that offers a lot of options is that it’s really hard to choose the right option. How can you be sure that the streaming service you are looking into is the best one? Which one is the best one? What’s the ideal service for you and your family? All of these things are essential to consider before choosing a streaming service, which is why I’m breaking it down simply for you here. Take a look.

The Most Popular Streaming Options

Netflix: it’s not possible to write about streaming services without writing about Netflix. Netflix started off as a video service, but then the company grew wings and now it’s arguably one of the most popular streaming methods out there. Netflix has its charms, but it does really matter where you life.

The content that you get with Netflix greatly changes based on location. If you’re in the U.S, you’ll get access to all that Netflix has to offer, but that content variety reduces drastically if you live in the UK or in Canada. Netflix does offer excellent streaming strength, though, and there are also a ton of Netflix apps across every major platform, so you can pretty much log into your Netflix account wherever you happen to be.

Google Play: while a lot less popular than Netflix, Google Play does offer some great value to streamers. This is a pay as you watch kind of service that’s exactly like what Google offers through its Play store. Google Play doesn’t have as much content as Netflix does, but then again Netflix pretty much dominates this category.

Amazon Prime: if you sign up for Prime, you’ll get access to Amazon’s streaming services as well. Right now, Amazon has around 40,000 different titles in the United States, and you can still get a decent selection of Amazon content even if you don’t live in the U.S. One of the great things about Prime is that you can download content to view when you are not online. This is one of the reason why some people prefer Prime over other options.

Apple TV: I’m throwing Apple TV into the mix here because I like what Apple TV has to offer. Apple TV does have a ton of content that’s fun to flip through, and the newest Apple TV console is a lot easier to navigate than the older one. Plus, you have the option of using a Siri controlled remote, and that’s hard to beat when you’re looking for something specific.

The thing I don’t like about Apple TV is that the selection of foreign movies and shows are limited. You also have to pay top dollar for new releases, but you do have the option to pay for movies that are currently in theaters. All around, Apple TV isn’t a bad shake.

There is no shortage of streaming options. The trick is to find the one that works for you payment wise and content wise. Plus, don’t underestimate the power of a streaming console that’s just plain simple to use.