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  • Style.ly: Fashionistas, Take Note!
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Do you like fashion? Do you like it enough to live and breathe all things couture? Well, if you’ve answered “yes” to either one of those questions, you’ll want to sink your perfectly manicured claws into Style.ly. Before I go into Style.ly specifics, I want to give you a frame of mind. Think about Ebay. Now, take away all of the bad clothing that people sell on Ebay, and keep all of those top label gems. What you’d be left with is Style.ly.

Style.ly is being billed as a kind of social network for fashion lovers. But, I see it more as an online marketplace for those in the know. Right now, the site is sparse, but it just launched. Give this site some time, and you’ll be able to find those mint-condition discount Jimmy Choos in no time.

So, How Does Style.ly Work?

Down to the details: first, you have to visit the Style.ly.com website. Once there, you can select a fashion category. At the time of this writing, there were three possible categories to choose from including “Beachy Keen,” “Bohemian,” “City Chic,” and “Corporate Chic.” Let’s say that you choose “Bohemian.” After clicking on the category, you will be presented with a number of items that are for sale. Scroll over an item and see the item’s worth along with other details.

If you click on an item, you will be brought to a separate page. You can then view shipping details, purchase the item, and even select a heart “Love It” icon (a sort of rating system). A lot of the items listed on Style.ly thus far are listed by people who sell items on other online websites (Etsy, for example), but all of this information will be made clear when you click on any item.

Selling an Item

If you have gently used items to sell, you can sign up to sell your item. Right now, you’ll receive a $5 credit just for signing up (this may not be available in the future). You can go through the sign-up form or you can connect with Facebook – the choice is yours. The site asks you to take a clear photo of the item for sale, list as many details as you have about the item, and select delivery and payment options.

From there, it’s just a matter of waiting to see who will buy your item. As I mentioned earlier, this site is very new, so it may take a few days for someone to come across that retro handbag you love so much. Style.ly wants you to know about new items regularly, so this site will send you Twitter and Facebook updates frequently. You’ll also find that there’s a Style.ly app for iPhone (no word on Android yet).

Style.ly Potential
You’ll have to judge for yourself whether or not you think Style.ly has potential. I’m not sure that the site will last without some stricter guidelines. Sure, it’s hard to determine who has great goods for sale and who should be selling their items at a yard sale, but some regulations should in order.
Otherwise, Style.ly could wind up being just another Ebay for the clothing-minded.