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  • This Bracelet Prevents Sunburns
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If your skin turns a deep shade of red before it turns brown, you may want one of the newest gadgets on the market: the Netatmo June.

This bracelet pairs with your iPhone to let you know when the sun’s rays are too harsh, or when you should apply more sunscreen. This is the perfect gadget to get your hands on before the summer starts – here’s more.

How the Netatmo June Works

This isn’t the first sun sensing bracelet on the market, but it’s the first one that looks like a piece of jewelry instead of a smart watch. The June actually looks jewel-like, and you can clip it on any piece of clothing or on your wrist. You won’t see any flashing lights or numbers on the actually June either. All of the notifications appear on your iPhone in the form of an update (if you turn on the sound, you’ll hear the updates).

A UV sensor has been buried beneath the face of the June, and this is how your iPhone can detect the suns rays. When paired with your iPhone, you’ll see just how harsh the sun is that day by looking at a UV index. The app also lets you know interesting things like how much sun you’ve gotten each day, and whether or not you’ve had enough sun for the day. The app takes into account your skin type and the amount of time you’ve been in the sun each day.

You will also receive notifications when it’s time to reapply sunscreen, and this particular notification can be really useful if you lose track of time while sitting in the sun. The June is a great way to remind you to put on some more sunscreen, but there are a few drawbacks too.

Some Drawbacks

First, the June isn’t waterproof; so don’t jump into the lake or the pool while wearing this gadget (and that means that you’ll probably have to reapply sunscreen post-swim, whether or not the June tells you to). Second, the Bluetooth doesn’t always work well. And, lastly, the June’s app is somewhat fussy and complicated, and that means that most people won’t bother with it. But, the June might just be the perfect gadget for you or your kids if you are doing something outside that doesn’t involve too much water (like hiking, gardening, or other activities).

The other problem with the June is that it’s expensive. At $99, this bracelet is a bit of a frivolous purchase. It would be great, however, if a company that develops a fitness-tracking bracelet could add some of the UV data that June provides to an existing option – wouldn’t that make a lot more sense? The look of the June is fun, it’s a good idea, and it’s useful if you tend to get burnt a lot while you’re in the sun. But, this bracelet is also lacking in some very important ways, and that makes the June a device that I won’t purchase when it arrives on the market next week.