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  • Top Summertime Travel Apps
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The headlines state that the economy is in rebound mode. Whether or not that's true, people are always looking to escape city (or country) life during the summertime. Whether you are heading upstate or looking to board a flight, there are some apps that you should take with you. Here are five awesome summer trip apps not to be missed.

1. TapHunter. Why? Because who doesn't need a great drink while on vacation? TapHunter will tell you where to go to get your alcohol intake fix. Whether you want a beer or a mixed drink, TapHunter is your portable drink tour guide (iOS).

2. JetLag Genie. Why? This app helps you get into the right sleep patterns before any overseas (or time change) trip. If you're going to be entering a new time territory, you'll need to prepare in advance in order to skip that jet lag...and get on with exploring (iOS).

3. Packing Pro. Why? Because some of us aren't great at packing. Did you bring your toothbrush? Passport? Bathing suit? Packing Pro is your virtual packing list. Just let the app know where you are going, and a list of things that you will need will appear. Helpful and practical! (iOS).

4. TravelSafe Pro. Why? Emergency numbers in other countries are not the same as the numbers in your current country -- 911 doesn't always work! This app will let you know what numbers you need to save on your phone, so you'll never be stuck not knowing what to do (Android).

5. Really Late Booking. Why? Because some of us aren't schedule-oriented. Fancy yourself a perpetual slacker? This app was made for you. This app will let you make last-minute hotel bookings in many countries around the globe. If you miss your train, plane, or other form of transportation, this app will make sure that you have a place to sleep (iOS).

BlackBerry Travel Apps

Since the apps listed above work for iOS and Android exclusively, I thought I'd throw some BlackBerry apps into the mix for BlackBerry users.

1. TeleNav GPS Navigator. Why? Because you need to know where you're going!

2. WorldMate. Why? This app stores all of your travel details for you, so you'll never be at a loss.

3. Navita Translator. Why? You might not speak the native language - but your BlackBerry does!

4. Urbanspoon. Why? You want to eat great food while you travel, right? Urbanspoon will help you find the best eats.

There you have it. Some amazing travel apps that you can't live without. If you're planning any kind of a trip this summer, make sure to bring your phone - loaded with apps - with you. From language help to itinerary help and even travel bookings, the right app can save you time, money, and angst.

Travel should be fun - not crazy! Plan everything from your smartphone, and never leave home without the things you need again! Got any additional app suggestions that I've missed? Let me know about them below! It never hurts to have too many travel apps!