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  • The New Surface Pro 2
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With all of the Apple news that happened last week, finding out about other devices is like wading through a crowded city street. But, there are some other companies out there that are introducing new devices as you read this. One of those companies is Microsoft with the new Surface Pro 2. Haven't heard about it yet?

Microsoft unveiled the new Surface Pro 2 this morning - here's a first look.

Inside the New Microsoft Surface Pro 2

The original Surface Pro was well received, though buyers did complain about a few things. It's the mark of any great company when those complaints are addressed, and that's just what Microsoft did with the Surface Pro 2, starting with a greatly extended battery life.

The new Surface Pro includes:

A longer lasting battery: up to 75% longer
An Intel Haswell processor
Two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 ports
Ethernet, Audio In/Out, and Display ports
New color-tuned screen

Microsoft has also created a new lineup of keyboard covers. If you remember when the first Surface Pro came out, the keyboard covers that Microsoft introduced were the talk of the tablet town. The same can be said for the latest keyboard covers that Microsoft has created.

New Keyboard Covers

Microsoft has updated the Type Cover and Touch Cover to include back lighting, which is a useful feature that Surface Pro 2 users will find helpful, for sure. Unfortunately, Microsoft still doesn't include these covers with the Surface Pro, so you'll have to add an extra couple of hundred dollars to the tab in order to get a great keyboard to go along with your new Pro.

Pricing and Where to Buy

If you loved the Surface Pro, you'll find that Microsoft really took user praise and complaints into consideration when crafting the Surface Pro 2. The company plans to roll out the Surface Pro 2 and its brother, the Surface 2, on Octobe2 22nd, which is just under one month away. The Surface Pro 2 will retail for $899, and the Surface 2 will retail for $449.

If you want to snag an older Surface RT, those will be on sale soon starting at $349. The Surface Pro 2 does come with a super high price tag, but that's because Microsoft is competing directly with Apple's iPad. So, you can compare the iPad and the Surface Pro 2 to find out which tablet will suit your needs best.

As far as where to buy this tablet goes, you can shop on Microsoft's main website once it's available for pre-order. You'll also be able to purchase the Pro 2 from retailers throughout North America. Is the Surface Pro 2 worth that really high price tag? If this tablet has what you want, it's worth a look - and it's also worth comparing to the iPad.

What do you thin about the new Surface Pro 2? Is Microsoft spot on with this pricing, or is the Surface Pro 2 too expensive? For many, shelling out more than $300 for a tablet is too much - for others, it makes sense. Let me know what you think in the comments below.