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  • Sweater or Jacket? How About Swackett!
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Swackett is a new kind of weather application, available for free. The term "swackett" is actually slang for a sweater, jacket or coat. It is used when an additional, warm layer of clothing is needed, but the type of warm clothing is not specified, leaving the decision up to the person getting dressed.

It is available as a web browser for Macs, and as a smart phone application for the iPhone. The web application is compatible with all modern web browsers. The product will soon be available for the iPod Touch and iPad. The application was designed in a way that all ages and weather interest levels will enjoy the product.

Practical Weather Forecast

Unlike most weather applications, Swackett doesn't stop at providing estimated temperatures and conditions for the week. This application brings more creativity and fun to the routine of checking the weather forecast. The program uses icons of people whose clothing changes based on the forecasted weather. These people are called peeps.

For example, when the weather is cold, the peeps appear on the screen dressed in heavy coats, winter hats and boots. Alternatively, they might be dressed in shorts, T-shirts, and sunglasses, when the weather is hot and sunny. They even show up with drinking water and sunblock on particularly warm days. If rain is predicted, the peeps will show up with an umbrella, rain coat and rain boots. It is a great way of not only giving you an idea of the weather, but it also provides helpful suggestions for how to prepare for the weather.

The peeps are also customizable, to make the user experience even more enjoyable. Swackett has several different editions of the peep icons, and there are plenty more one the way. Editions that are currently available include the 1950s edition, the british invasion edition, la edicion de america latina (for latin americans) and the far east edition.

Certain "easter egg" peeps are also hidden throughout the application and appear at random. They are designed around cultural events. The example on swackett.com is of Star Trek peeps. The easter egg peeps are always appropriately dressed for the forecast, and can be disabled for more professional use. Swackett also offers custom editions for schools, families, business or other organization.

Weather Details

Not to worry, weather enthusiasts, the Swackett app did not forget you. The application provides a broad range of weather information. The peeps give a very general, easy to comprehend idea of the weather, which is perfect for young people or anyone in a hurry to get the basic information about the weather. This app, however, does include plenty of detailed and accurate information, for people with the time and interest.

Swackett uses the most accurate and reliable weather forecast information, from AccuWeather. Users can access temperatures, and "real feel" temperatures adjusted to reflect how hot or cold it will feel after wind chill and humidity have been counted. This app also includes weather timelines, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed, as well as radar and satellite images. Swackett boasts that it is the simplest, most easy to understand, most accurate weather forecast available.