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Getting free stuff is great, isn’t it? Only, finding free stuff can sometimes be difficult. Most of the time you have to sign up for a month’s worth of products, give away tons of personal information, or spend hours proving to a company that you really are worthy of free stuff. Well, now Swaggable is here and this site will make it much easier for you to get free stuff – truly free stuff!

Swaggable is a new startup site that’s currently in beta mode, but the idea behind this site is a great one: provide consumers with free stuff, so that these consumers can spread the word. Of course, marketers get a good deal from this site too, but we’ll discuss that further in a minute. What you need to know right now is…

Signing Up For Swaggable

When you sign up for a Swaggable account, you will be asked to connect with a current social media account (Facebook is easiest). After clicking that “Connect With Facebook” button, I suggest reading through the permissions (you can opt out of some) and then connecting. Swaggable will ask you what kinds of products you like, whether you have kids or pets, and some other basic information. After you fill out those details, Swaggable will either hook you up with some free samples or you will be put on the “wait list.”

If you are sent to the wait list, don’t worry. Swaggable is a new site, so that means that it’s going to take some time for the site to pick up company sponsors. Once sponsors sign up for the site though, you should be getting lots of email notifications that lead you right to free samples of all types from drinks to food. What does Swaggable get out of this? It’s simple really…

How Swaggable Makes Money

Be aware the giving your information away will always result in some company collecting that information. If you don’t care about letting companies know what your age is or what kinds of things you do, sign up for Swaggable without any reservations. Swaggable makes money by attracting marketers who, in turn, pay Swaggable for your information (logically). So, you might get some free drinks or food, but the company who is giving away those free samples will be getting your information in return.

Really, the trade-off is fair enough if you want to get lots of free samples. Further, your information is being given away everyday anyway, so why not get something for it? If you like free samples and you want to support a startup that is founded on a great idea, make sure to check out the Swaggable site. As mentioned, Swaggable is current in beta mode, which means that you will probably be put on the wait list (as this reviewer was), but I’m expecting the site to pick up drastically within the next few months, and then the good will really start rolling in (hopefully!). Swaggable will also encourage you to invite your friend to the site, which might be a good idea if you want to spread the word.