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  • Cool Symbian Apps & Accessories for your Nokia Smartphone
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You can do a lot with a Nokia smartphone. With advanced technological capabilities far beyond that of a basic mobile phone, Nokia smartphones are sometimes referred to as personal pocket computers. As the demand for these cutting-edge mobile devices increases, more and more applications are being created to help users utilize their smartphones to their fullest potential. The Symbian operating system is the most popular one used with Nokia smartphones, and provides a solid base for running a variety of very cool applications.

Though taking, sending, and storing photos via a mobile phone device is considered a standard operation, Nokia smartphone users can make their photo experiences extraordinary with apps like the Nokia Photo Browser 0.9.4. It allows you to browse through your photos with amazing 3D effects, and can be downloaded for free. There is also the Photo Flow app which helps to make your viewing experience flow better. It’s an ideal tool for someone who stores a lot of pictures on their phone and would like quick and easy access to them. And then there’s the Resco Photo Viewer which does it all. It sells for under $20 and contains color editing, cropping, animation, slideshow, continuous zoom, and fast preview capabilities.

Video & Audio
Video and audio enhancing applications are also available. The RealPlayer for Symbian is a tool which allows Nokia smartphone users to play AMR, MP3, 3GP, Real Video, and Real Audio directly on their mobile phone device. Fring is another cool app which allows users to video chat live. Video calls with Fring are free on WiFi networks (data rates apply for 3G video calls). You can also use Fring to connect to any of the popular social networks like MSN Messenger, Twitter, and Yahoo! to chat live with your friends. Also, for those who would like to watch their favorite TV shows while on-the-go, the Mobile TV Center app fully converts and transfers recorded videos from your Windows Media Center to your phone. And then there’s the smartControl app which allows you to display your smartphone’s screen on a video projector or PC in real time for demonstration or presentation purposes.

In addition to Symbian apps, there are also Nokia smartphone accessories that allow you to do even more with your phone. The Zoomit SD Memory Card Connector is a popular device which simply connects your memory card straight to your Smartphone so that you can view and share your photos without having to use a computer. Special effects lenses are an especially cool accessory. They are reasonably priced camera type lenses which can be attached directly to your Smartphone. You can shoot wide angel, fish-eye, macro, or telescopic photos with them. Tripods and other similar accessories are also available.


All of these cool Symbian apps and accessories can turn your already cutting-edge Nokia smartphone into something more, as it merges your computer, camera, TV, and phone operations together into one pocket sized mobile device.