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The first word that comes to most people’s mind when the term “synching services” is mentioned is: “Dropbox.” Dropbox was one of the first synching services available. As such, this service has gained a lot of users, is quite popular, and is the only synching system that many people around the world use regularly. Recently, Dropbox had a bit of a security problem.

A security issue within a synching service is a big deal, since documents are uploaded to these websites every day. Many of these documents are private, contain secure information, and are not meant to be viewed by the eyes of millions. As a result of Dropbox dropping the security ball, former Dropbox users have begun to look for alternatives.

Thankfully, some appealing alternatives do exist. If you’re concerned that Dropbox is no longer safe, take a look at some of these other options.


SugarSync is a lot like Dropbox, only this service is really for the mobile-minded. SugarSync makes it easy to use the service with your smartphone (including Android phones). SugarSync also includes a handy feature that allows you to edit any document from within the SugarSync system. As you can imagine, this is incredibly useful while you’re on the move. Thus far, SugarSync has not experienced any security threats, though it doesn’t have API support or LAN sync capabilities.


SpiderOak is a strong Dropbox competitor. This service allows users to keep a number of different devices in sync all at once. For example, you can sync your smartphone, thumb drive, and laptop at the same time. Really, any device that you have can be synced with your other devices. Versatility is the thing that SpiderOak does best, and you’ll be happy with this service if you’re happy (or were happy) with Dropbox.


Wuala is a service that is relatively unknown throughout North America. Even though the Swiss service is top-notch, it has quite carved its place within North American syncing markets quite yet. Still, this is no reason for you not to give Wuala a try. Filled with every feature that Dropbox offers, Wuala also includes an innovative way for you to gain more syncing space (1GB to begin). If you have any unused space on your hard drive, you can swap this space for more space on Wuala. Or, you can simply purchase more space.

Which One to Choose

As with any other service, the syncing site that works best for you depends on your personal preferences. We like all of the service mentioned above, but we’re also still big Dropbox fans. Even though Dropbox had a security breach, other sites are bound to experience similar breaches. So, should you drop Dropbox due to security threats? That depends on your comfort level. Should you seek a different syncing service? You should if you are looking for something completely different.

Here at R-TT, we always recommend that you try out a service or two before deciding on one. You’ll find that all of the services mentioned above are different, and you may prefer one interface to the next. Take your time looking at each service, find out which ones you are comfortable with, and remember to back up your documents.