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  • T-Mobile Ditches Cellphone Plans
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Is this a dream? Did T-Mobile really do away with all cellphone plans? It's not a dream, and T-Mobile has officially ditched the standard cellphone contract.

In lieu of the standard contract, T-Mobile is offering users an option to pay one upfront price in addition to an unlimited calling and data monthly fee.

What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Does this make any sense? I break it all down for you below.

A Closer Look At The New T-Mobile

Essentially, T-Mobile is letting customers pay a downpayment on a phone. Each month, small payments are made towards the price of that phone. So, what's the difference between a regular contract plus monthly fee and the new no-contract plan? You can pay off your phone in advance. You don't have to wait for two years to pay for a phone.

You can also pay a large amount towards the overall cost of your phone at any time. So, if you want to pay $400 towards a phone right now, you can do that. Of course, your monthly payments will drop to correspond with the amount paid. With a standard contract, you can't pay off a phone in advance of the end of a contract.

Why No Contracts?

T-Mobile isn't one of the biggest North American carrier players. That's why the company has made such a big move. Now, T-Mobile stands out as the one carrier without contracts, and that's bound to entice some cellphone users. It's also easy to see why users do not want locked-in contracts. After all, breaking a contract means paying a hefty penalty fee, and that's not something that anyone wants to do.

How to Take Advantage of This Deal

The best way to take advantage of the no-contract deal is to find a phone that you can pay off quickly. If you have $400 (for example) to pay for a phone right now, go ahead and make that payment. Or, split up the payments into two instalments of $200. When purchasing a phone through T-Mobile, you have the option to pay for the phone in-full right away, and that's the better way to go, if possible.

Once your phone has been paid, you are really free to move around to another carrier. But, why would you switch carriers when switching means locking into another contract? Still, it's nice to know that you can move carriers if you want to -- without worrying about contract penalties. The other advantage here is that you can change plans at any time without hassle (or phones).

Essentially, T-Mobile is simply giving cellphone users more freedom. The way of the contract seems to be fading, and that's a very good thing. If you happen to have access to T-Mobile in your area, take a look at the company's website. You'll see a number of different phone options and different price plans that are available. Saving when it comes to contracts and paying for a phone in-full is defiantly a better way to go.