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  • TAPS Makes Using a Touchscreen With Gloves Simpler
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Winter is here, and that means (for most of us) that it’s time to whip out the gloves, hats, scarves, and puffy jackets. The problem is that protecting your hands with gloves while also using your phone is kind of difficult - unless you have purchased some really expensive gloves that make using a touchscreen easy.

For those of us that don’t have money to throw on new gloves (or don’t like the look of gloves that are made for touchscreens, there might be a new option. That option comes by the way of Kickstarter (so, yes, you have to donate in order to get your pair shipped by the holidays). The company is called TAPS, but they don’t make gloves. They make stickers.

Sticky Fingers

What is the real issue behind using gloves with a touchscreen? It’s not the gloves, it’s the fact that your touchscreen won’t recognize anything that’s not a fingerprint. TAPS goes to the root of the problem. This company has created stickers that include individual fingerprints.

You can move your sticker print from one glove to the next, never worrying about buying ugly gloves or not bringing your touchscreen gloves with you when you leave the house. If you’re worried about your sticker falling off, TAPS seems to have addressed that problem too.

Super Adhesive

According to Kickstarter site, TAPS stickers are made from an “extremely adhesive conductive material,” which translates into a material that won’t fall off when the snow starts to fall. Each pack of TAPS comes with a few different fingerprints, so you can peel and stick to any pair of gloves that you own.

Security Issues?

The main problem with owning stickers that have your fingerprints on them is that anyone can use your stickers (or gloves with stickers). Rather than resorting to cutting your hand off, let’s say, all a robber would need to do is use your glove or steal your stickers - heck, the mailman could use your stickers too.

Your Fingerprint?

TAPS are sent with a unique touch ID built in. So while it’s not your exact fingerprint, it is a touchscreen ID that you can use and program to run with your phone. But, again, someone can easily steal your stickers and log into your devices - TAPS works with phone, tablet, and any other device that has a touchscreen.

While TAPS hasn’t addressed the possibility of someone wearing your gloves and using your devices yet, the company is starting to gain popularity. If you’re not James Bond and nobody is out to gain access to your devices, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Aside from that small glitch, TAPS seem like a really cool product. If you back the company now, they also promise to send you a set of TAPS before Christmas - so maybe you want to consider this gift for anyone on your list that can’t put down their phone.

So far, TAPS has raised a good amount of money from Kickstarter. The company has well exceeded its original goal, which means that there is a demand for this type or product.