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  • TaskRabbit Comes to iPhone
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Ever have one of those days when you just don’t feel like going out? Or, have you ever felt pressed for time with a mile long to-do list? These moments happen to the best of us. Whatever the reason, sometimes we just can’t get everything done. For those moments when completing tasks seems impossible, there’s TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit began as a website dedicated to helping people complete tasks. This service has become immensely popular ever since its inception, and now a TaskRabbit app for iPhone exists. True to the original site, the TaskRabbit app is simple to use and quite inventive.

How TaskRabbit Works

Everything from grocery shopping to running errands qualifies as a task on TaskRabbit. To use the site, all you have to do is list a task, wait a few minutes, and a pre-screened TaskRabbit “runner” will be picked to complete your task. The whole thing takes only a few minutes to process, and your task will be finished within the amount of time that you specified.

Once a task has been completed, you can enter feedback and credit card information. Your task runner will be paid, and whatever task you had to complete today can be crossed off of your list. The TaskRabbit app works much the same way as the original site does, though the app may be just a smidgeon easier to use.

The TaskRabbit App

Essentially, the TaskRabbit app for iPhone works the same way that the TaskRabbit site does. The difference is that choosing a task and creating a task is simpler through the iPhone app. If you decide to use the app, you can speak, writer, or simply snap a picture of the task that you want a runner to complete.

You can also use your iPhone to pay for the completed task by taking a picture of your credit card – one more thing that makes the iPhone so convenient. As soon as your task is done, you will be notified of project completion through text or email. The whole thing is painless, and that’s why the new TaskRabbit is so great.

Certain Restrictions Apply

As wonderful as TaskRabbit is, this service is not available in many cities. If you live in Los Angeles, Boston, Orange County, or San Francisco, you can take advantage of the TaskRabbit service. The company states on its website that TaskRabbit will be heading to NYC next, but there’s no word as to when this movement may take place.

Some of the tasks that are currently posted on TaskRabbit include assembling Ikea furniture, picking someone up from an AAA office, moving a heavy piece of furniture, and Starbucks coffee delivery. Yep, I can see why TaskRabbit has become a very popular site.

Now, if only the powers that be at TaskRabbit would bring the service to my city – I could certainly use a Starbucks coffee myself. For now, those of us who live outside of the mentioned areas will have to find a way to complete our own tasks.