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Three Great Holiday Tech Gifts Under $100

The holidays really aren’t all about spending money, but try and tell the person expecting a gift that - you’ll be greeted with a sneer, in most cases. No, the fact of the matter is that we all have to buy at least once gift for someone. Why not make that gift something useful that the person you are giving it to will actually use? While there’s no shortage of tech gifts under $100 that will make most people smile at the annual company holiday party, here are three of those gifts that anyone will dig.

-The Rocki Bluetooth Speaker: I really like this speaker because it’s simple, it’s $45, and it can stream music from a phone to any speaker in a house. It’s also a really cool gift to get and to give, and the person who gets it will think of you every time they listen to a tune using the speaker - not bad, right?

-The Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard: Microsoft recently made a universal mobile keyboard that works with any device. Plus, this keyboard folds up when not in use, and it can survive on one battery charge for a really long time. Make someone’s day with this travel keyboard for just $79.

-Power Wallet Phone Charger: you’ve seen all kinds of phone chargers, but have you seen a wallet phone charger? This wallet actually charges any iPhone or Android phone, so you can carry around your wallet and phone and charge your phone while it’s in your wallet - for $80

-Mophie Juice Pack Helium: here’s another iOS phone charger that probably doesn’t need any introduction, but just in case - this is a case that doubles as a phone charger, and you can buy one for someone that is always charging her phone for $80.

-Adjustable laptop stand: do you have a friend that writes for a living? Do they work at a desk all hunched over and not at all comfortable? Do they complain about numb and tingling arms and all the typing that they have to do? If any of this is true, you should think about getting your friend the HiRise Adjustable Stand from Twelve South. This stand puts any laptop at eye level, and it only costs $70.

-The FitBit Flex: there are a lot of different exercise bands out there, but the Flex is one of the most versatile. If there’s a fitness freak on your list, think about the FitBit Flex - you can grab one for $99. This gift is on the pricier side, so maybe skip the colleague with this one, and buy the Flex for someone close to you that would appreciate it.

Other Great Gift Ideas

You might be tempted to just give someone a gift card this holiday season, but nobody wants a gift card, so go with a toy instead. Thankfully, there are a ton of tech toys out there that you can purchase for less than $100, and almost all of them are really fun to play with too. Plus, most of the toys on this list are also practical, and the person getting them will enjoy the thought behind the practicality.