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Can’t get enough tech news? If you’re a tech junkie, you’ll be happy to know that plenty of apps cater to your news needs. These apps will provide you with all the latest tech news headlines around the clock (quite literally), so you never miss a tech beat. It goes without saying that these apps are an essential part of any tech news writer’s life, but they’re also a great way to start up a conversation with any tech lover you know.

The apps listed below are most tech-central, though some of them will also allow you to read about other types of news. Some apps are available only through the Android Marketplace while other can only be found in the Apple App Store. A few may be available if you have a BlackBerry phone too, but you’ll have to check on that. Without further adieu, here’s some tech news apps that you shouldn’t miss out on.

News 360

News360 is an iPhone app that really rocks. This app is updated regularly, and it includes news from all corners of the world, so you won’t get a singular North American view on all matters.

You can filter news according to current events, science, food, and, of course tech news. News360 scans all of the latest news headlines from news sources throughout the globe, so you’ll always have a fresh opinion. You can set up News360 to send you push alerts and notifications.

You can also shut down these notifications if you want to be left alone (or just turn your phone off). I’ve found that with this app, it’s difficult to miss any important news headline – tech or otherwise. NEs360 is also a nice and smooth app to look at. If you are into colors and great fonts, News360 is definitely the way to go.


TechMeme is first and foremost a no-nonsense tech news website. TechMeme also offers an iPhone and Android app called TechBrowser. Much like the website, TechBrowser doesn’t mess around. While not as pretty as News360, TechBrowser does present all the top tech headlines in an order fashion.

TechBrowser is set up into three different categories including “Top,” “More,” and “New.” Each category contains different types of news stories (respectively), and all stories are presented in a nice and neat newsy kind of fashion. The app itself is black on white (no frills here), but it does get the job done.


Currently is only available through the Android Marketplace (for now). This app works much like the ones listed above, though Currently grabs all of its data directly from Twitter. Is grabbing news from Twitter more effective than scanning popular magazine, blog, and newspaper headlines? Maybe.

Twitter is, after all, a faster way to spread news. Currently is relatively new to the app game, and this writer is hoping that the app will soon make its way to Apple App Store. If you have an Android phone, give Currently a try and let us know how this app responds to your tech news needs.