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  • Tesla Motors is Now Tesla, Inc.
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It’s always interesting to see what Elon Musk is up to. In this writer’s opinion, he’s an excellent example of how a CEO should run a company - involved and always innovating.

Musk’s recent innovations have included investments into solar roofs and batteries. So the next bit of news coming from Tesla this morning makes perfect sense.

Tesla is no longer called ‘Tesla Motors.’ The company is now called simply ‘Tesla Inc.’ Companies often rebrand, but Tesla’s version of rebranding really is in line with what the company is now doing.

Musk’s Moves

Musk is never shy about what he has in store for his company. He’s always moving forward. Last July he unveiled a different version of the company’s ‘Master Plan Phase Two.’ Musk always puts everything about this company on the company blog. He’s never been shy about letting the public know what Tesla is doing now or in the future.

Musk wants Tesla to move in the direction of solar roofs with integrated powerful batteries. Tesla has also recently acquired a company called Solar City, which manufactures solar roof panels. Another one of Musk’s interesting plans involves something that he referred to as ‘enable your car to make money for you while you’re not using it.’

Not the First

As mentioned above, companies rebrand all the time. In the past, tech companies have done so regularly, including Apple (which was once Apple Computers). The main difference between the two companies is that Tesla always lets the public know what’s happening with the company - and with future plans. Apple, on the other hand, is notorious for not letting anyone know what’s happening.

So where will Tesla go next? It seems like Musk is set on focusing on the development of batteries and solar power. What he means by letting cars make money for you while not driving them, well, he has recently outlined that as well (this past July). So how can your car make money for you while you’re not using it? Fleet connection, that’s how.

Tesla Fleet Investment

Musk has told press that he hopes Tesla owners will be able to become part of a Tesla fleet in the future (and that future looks like it’s almost here). By being part of a fleet, he hopes that owners will be able to participate in some kind of paid ride sharing program. In other words, you might be able to rent out your car to people when you’re not using it.

Further, Tesla owners might soon be able to rent out cars while they are on vacation. By using an app, people that want to borrow a car will be able to simply find a car that’s available, use the app to unlock the car, and use the car -in this way, your car can make money for you. The Tesla app and fleet option has not been unveiled yet, but some speculate that it’s already integrated into some Tesla models. The appeal for people considering the purchase of a Tesla is great - and it’s great marketing at the same time.

Teslas aren’t cheap, but if you can make money on your Tesla while you’re not using it, why not?