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  • How to Tether a BlackBerry to an iPad via Bluetooth
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Did you save yourself a hunk of change and opt for the Wi-Fi only version of the iPad, rather than shelling out for the huge upfront (and monthly) premium for the 3G iPad? Good for you! Especially because you can use your BlackBerry’s 3G connection to get your iPad on the Internet. Here’s how:

Step 1

Jailbreak your iPad. You’ll be needing to install an app called ibluever onto your iPad. This app is only available from Cydia. To get started with jailbreaking your iPad, please read the “iOS Jailbreaking FAQ,” which is also located on this site:


Step 2

Download ibluever from the Cydia store onto your iPad. For more information about this app, see: http://www.if0rce.com/en/ibluever/

Step 3

Download PDANet onto your BlackBerry. Learn more about PDANet here: http://www.junefabrics.com/blackberry/index.php

Step 4

Obtain your SPC number for your BlackBerry phone. For Verizon BlackBerry phones, this is 000000. If you have another carrier, read these directions to help you get your SPC number:

Step 5

Run ibluever on your iPad and click On.

Step 6

Click on the BLUE ARROW on your device to change the settings. Enter the following into the appropriate fields:

PIN CODE: 1234 (or any combination of numbers—try 0000 if 1234 doesn’t work)
DIAL NUMBER: #777 (Verizon phones only)
Sniff Mode: Off
Waiting SDP: On

Step 6

On your BlackBerry, open your Bluetooth options. Disable “Dial Up Networking” and touch Save.

Step 7

Run PDANet on your BlackBerry. Enable “Bluetooth DUN”

Step 8

On your iPad, choose your BlackBerry device from ibluever.

Step 9

If everything is working well, you should see a little phone icon and a little Bluetooth icon in the top-right hand corner of your iPad. This means you’re connected!


This method was tested with a first generation iPad and BlackBerry Storm on Verizon Wireless. You may have different levels of success depending on your setup. As of the writing of this article, PDANet delivered speeds of about 50 kB/s, which isn’t as fast as 3G but is faster than the EDGE network.

Also note that, while not illegal, jailbreaking your iPad may void your warranty. Furthermore, Verizon Wireless may be able to detect that you are using your BlackBerry to tether without paying for their mobile hotspot fee. There have been reports that other carriers—namely AT&T—have been contacting users who use a large amount of data on their mobile devices and are suspected of tethering. Be aware of this, and keep an eye on your bill.

If you are trying to tether an iPhone to your iPad, consider AT&T’s mobile hotspot feature, or try iTether from the same developers who made ibluever.


PDANet is also available for iOS devices in the Cydia store. Also, be aware that if you don’t have an unlimited data plan for your phone, you may incur overage charges by frequently tethering your iPad. Again, keep an eye on your bill and monthly usage. Using apps, such as Netflix, and other streaming multimedia services can use up a lot of data in a short period of time.