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Creating language source code is tough without a text editor. There are many different text editors on the market, though many of them are not efficient. On the flip side, a few text editors are worth your time and attention.

If you want a text editor that does it all, look for one that comes with a number of different features. If you are seeking a basic text editor, you can find a program that can be downloaded for free. Generally (at the time of this writing) a text editing program can be purchased for less than $40.

ATPad – Free

ATPad was developed as a replacement for Notepad. As such, ATPad does most things that Notepad can do, but this program offers a few extra features. One feature that you may find particularly useful is the tabbed feature. Using a tabbing environment makes using multiple files simpler. You can also customize ATPad in almost any way including colors and fonts. Standard text editing features (word wrapping, line numbering, lists) are also a part of ATPad. Another great feature is the ability to email any document.

VbsEdit -- $40+

Writing a .VBS script can be a time consuming task. VbsEdit was developed in order to make this task easier. Some notable features include auto-completion, syntax coloring, automatic de-bugger, sample scripts, and a WMI code generator. Using VbsEdit is simple enough if you are familiar with .VBS scripts. If not, this software may be a bit confusing at first. Thankfully, you can test out VbsEdit by opting for the free trial version of this program. If you like what you see, you can purchase VbsEdit for around $40.

Codelobster – Free

Codelobster is the ultimate webmaster editing tool. This web code editor can support a HTM, XML, VBS, SQL, JS, CSS, JAVA, TXT, and many, many, other codes. Codelobster also comes with both online and offline tools that any user will find immensely helpful. Some of the things that Codelobster can do include spell-checking, auto-complete, syntax highlighting, and context assistance. Unlike many other programs of this caliber, Codelobster comes with an amazingly simple interface. You might have to fumble a bit of you aren’t used to code editors, but most users will get the hang of Codelobster quickly.

Sense -- $20+

As the name suggests, Sense attempts to make sense of text editing. Sense also offers one of the easiest interfaces on the text editing market. This program has built-in help bubbles that guide users through the text editing process. Thus, Sense is the perfect text editor for people who are new to text editing in general. Sense also comes with a built-in browser that makes navigating this program a snap. Character formatting, copying, cutting, and pasting are all included in this text editor too. In fact, nearly anything that you would expect from a text editor is part of Sense. The main difference is that this program truly does make sense of complex text editing by providing a simple interface and logical tools.