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  • TextExpander: Worth It?
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Typing can be tiresome. Especially when filling out countless forms and adding the same greeting or signature to emails. TextExpander for MAC aims to take some of the burden off of your fingertips. This handy tool allows users to create small abbreviations called “snippets” in place of actual words or paragraphs.

Once a snippet has been typed, TextExpander automatically fills in pertinent information. This program also auto-corrects spelling, and you can program it to pick up on frequent spelling errors. In short, there are few things that TextExpander can’t do when it comes to text. Only, is this product worth the (albeit small) price?

TextExpander Breeds Productivity

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would type all of those closers, greetings, and addresses for you? Well, that’s the premise behind TextExpander. You add a snippet like “TY” to your snippet library, and TextExpander will add the phrase “thank you” to any note that you’re typing. Snippets can go on for days, and you can add any kind of abbreviation you like.

If you happen to write a lot of emails or letters, you’ll find TextExpander immensely useful. Instead of asking someone to respond to an email or telling someone what your address is, all you have to do is type a quick snippet, and TextExpander will do the rest for you. It’s kind of like having a personal secretary working on the same letter that your typing (if that were possible).

Auto-Correction That Actually Works

The problem with most auto-correct program functions is that they tend to misspell words or replace words with other words. Not only is this annoying, but it can lead to a confusing email or letter. Instead of sending a note that makes sense, most auto-correct program turn perfectly crafted sentences into mumbo jumbo. TextExpander does things a bit differently.

This program allows you to enter words that you frequently misspell into your own TextExpander library. This way, the next time that you’re typing, that misspelled word will be replaced by the correct word. TextExpander also provides spelling options along the way, and most of these selections are viable.

Some Slight Limitations

The biggest drawback to TextExpander is that it doesn’t work with all Apple platforms. You won’t be able to use this program while sending a text message from your iPhone, for example. In order for TextExpander to work, it must be supported.

The other drawback is that this app is only available for MAC. If you don’t have a MAC, some integration tools exist (like Breezy). There are other, similar, programs out there that work with Windows systems, but these are somewhat inferior to TextExpander.

If you have a MAC, and you want to give TextExpander a try, you’ll find the free trial offer useful. TextExpander also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee ($30+ at the time of this writing). When all is said and done, TextExpander is worth a try. In fact, it’s more than worth a try – it’s a great program to have. If you’re tired of typing, give your fingers a break by giving TextExpander a shot.