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  • The Acer Iconia
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Acer has never really created any device that causes a buzz, stir, or small peep. Yet, this company does develop affordable electronics that are usually fairly dependable. Even though Acer sits quietly in the background while other companies steal the spotlight, Acer does tend to create at least once device that keeps up with modern times.

Recently, Acer decided to enter the tablet market by creating the Acer Iconia. The Iconia has been reviewed across the board as being lackluster, but that’s usually the charm of Acer devices. This company produces devices that may not have a wide range of features, but tend to offer everything that’s necessary in a laptop or, in this case, a tablet.

Pros and Cons

To start, the Acer Iconia includes a USB port and microSD card slot. The Iconia also comes with a 10.1-inch multi-touch display screen that’s both clean and clear. The Iconia also comes with software customization options, which is a nice touch. Acer created a tablet that can easily replace most laptops, and consumers who are looking for a moderately priced ($450) tablet that performs well will find that this tablet does the job.

The one major drawback to the Iconia is the heft of the device. The Iconia is noticeably heavier than most other tablets in its class. This may turn off some consumers who are looking for a lighter tablet to carry around. But, if transporting your tablet isn’t really a concern, the Iconia will get you where you want to go.

Style and Size

I’ve already pointed out that the Iconia is heavier than most other tablets. However, this tablet does come with its own unique style. Acer dressed the Iconia in two tones with brushed aluminum edges. The style of this tablet stands out from the rest, which, in this reviewer’s opinion, is a good thing.

When holding the Iconia, the weight of the device is largely forgotten thanks to the tablet’s wide screen and slightly longer body (as compared to most other tablets on the market). Even though the Iconia’s screen is not immune to fingerprints, no tablet really fares well when it comes to warding off greasy finger markings.

Who Should Buy An Iconia

Is the Acer Iconia as great as the latest iPad? Maybe not. But, the Iconia is the perfect tablet for anyone who’s looking for a tablet that functions well, has some cool features, and can replace a laptop. The Iconia is not likely to please technology fiends, but it does serve a purpose within the tablet world.

If you’re looking for a tablet that’s affordable, stylish, and performs well, the Iconia is the tablet for you. If you want something groundbreaking that’s never been seen before, the Iconia may not be the thing that you’re looking for. I suggest that you head to your nearest electronics store, test out the Iconia, compare prices, and consider what you need your tablet to do. This reviewer thinks that most people will be content with Acer’s tablet offering.