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  • BlackBerry: Sold Of Piece-By-Piece
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BlackBerry is a big deal in Canada. It's one of the few Canadian technology companies that has made it into the mainstream. As such, the Canadian Government (and Canadians, in general) hate to see the company torn apart. But, that might be the only option now.

Various reports state that BlackBerry is looking to offload the company by early November. While the best scenario would be the complete sale of the whole company, it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Instead, it appears as though BlackBerry will be sold off piece by piece.

A Torn Apart Company

Why will BlackBerry be sold in pieces? Potential buyers like some of the things about the company, but not everything that the company has to offer. Realistically, BlackBerry's platform and the company's original patents are the things that are attracting the most attention right now. The rest of the company is, well, useless to buyers seeking a good deal.

While BlackBerry wouldn't consider ripping the company apart originally, this is no longer the case. BlackBerry is desperate to sell, and the company is currently looking into selling off parts to the highest bidder. BlackBerry has to hurry up, though, because things aren't looking up for the Waterloo company.

Time Is Running Out

BlackBerry is currently struggling to compete against iOS and Android. This has been the case for a while, but the numbers are steadily declining. This means that BlackBerry needs to stay steady in the markets, or risk losing any potential buyers (and those are already slim enough).

At present, two big Asian buyers that were considering the purchase of BlackBerry have pulled out of the race. That leaves a number of companies interested in bits and pieces of the company. What's the likelihood that BlackBerry will rebound and save itself? Slim to none. What can you do if you have a new BlackBerry phone? You can hang on and hope that things get better - or that the company sells as a whole.

What Torn Apart Means

If BlackBerry is sold off in pieces, BlackBerry devices may become obsolete. It's hard to keep devices running if the company that created those objects is no longer in business. If you do have a brand new BlackBerry device, you have until November to see where the company goes.

Interestingly, BlackBerry is still valued relatively highly at around $5.4 billion. So, even though the company doesn't seem like it's worth much, BlackBerry has some patents that keep valuation numbers high. Right now, all we can do is sit back and wait to see what happens with BlackBerry. Hopefully, the company will successfully be able to sell parts of itself, and this (let's hope) will keep some aspects of BlackBerry up and running.

Do you have a new BlackBerry phone? Do you like using your BlackBerry phone? What do you think the company should do? Is it a bad or good idea to sell parts of the company? Let me know in the comments below.