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  • The BookBook

What’s better than a MacBook Air cover that looks like a MacBook Air cover? How about one that doesn’t look like a laptop cover at all? The BookBook is a specialty MacBook Air cover that really looks like (you guessed it!) a book. Why would you want a laptop case that looks like a book? Well, there are a couple of reasons why this kind of case would be beneficial. The first reason is that nobody is apt to steal a book off the seat of an unmanned coffee shop chair (unless, of course, they know what a BookBook looks like).

The second reason is that BookBook cases are just not seen that often, and being original is really the only way to go when it comes to decking out your Apple devices (true, isn’t it?). Of course, there’s the third reason that the company manufacturing BookBook cases is such a great fit for your MacBook Air, Pro, iPad, or other Apple device – Twelve South only creates items for Apple products. No Android, no Windows, just Apple.

Hand-Crafted and Made With Love (For Apple Devices, That Is)

The two available BookBook MacBook Air cases (classic red or classic black) are handcrafted by the folks over at Twelve South. Thanks to this handcrafting, BookBook covers really do look like old, worn-out books. In fact, the only dead giveaway that this cover isn’t really a book (but, instead, a cover trying to deter thieves) is that the binding says “BookBook” on it. Now, if you’re a clever thief and you’ve read this article, you’ll know right away that the book you see unattended is not a book at all.

However, if you happen to purchase a BookBook for your MacBook Air that you’ll leave in your office, you could easily prop your covered Air up on your desk, and few people would know that you’re hiding an expensive device. Really, the concept behind BookBook is quite innovative and few other companies are making Air covers that are as nice as this one is.

These Covers Aren’t Alike

Should you decide to break down and purchase a red or black vintage BookBook, you should know that no two covers would look the same. This is, of course, due to the handcrafting of each case. If you purchase two cases, you’ll have an even better chance of disguising your Air were you to stack one BookBook next to the other one. So, how much will it cost you to cover up your Air with a handmade cover that looks like a vintage book but really isn’t?

Twelve South is selling these covers for $79.99 (13-inch) or $99.99 (17-inch). This might seem like a lot to pay for a MacBook Air cover, but consider the price that you paid for your Air. If you want to keep your investment (shall we say?) safe, a cover that deters thieves and keeps your laptop from any dings and scratches seems to be worth the high handmade price.