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  • Last Season of 'The Clone Wars' Available Through Netflix
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Before Disney purchased Lucasfilm, the sixth season of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' was already in development. Even though the series was canceled the minute the acquisition went through, Lucasfilm promised its devoted public that the sixth season would see the light of day.

True to the company's word, the sixth season of 'The Clone Wars' will air this coming March 7th exclusively on Netflix - and that's not all. Netflix has also purchased the rights to the entire series through a deal with Disney.

The Lost Missions

The last instalment of the series is called 'The Lost Missions,' and it aims to provide fans with everything that was not previously known about the light and dark sides of the force. You will have to have a Netflix subscription in order to view the final instalment in North America, though there are some other options in Europe.

European Star Wars fans that have access to SuperRTL can also view the last instalment of 'The Clone Wars.' Fans of the show are, needless to say, excited that a sixth season is coming out, and many had no idea that this season was even in development. If you happen to be part of that crowd, you may wan to sig up for Netflix if you live in North America.

Why The Show Was Cancelled

Disney didn't feel that 'The Clone Wars' series was lucrative enough to warrant continuation. Many fans were upset with the first season of the show. Others felt that the show was far too geared towards child viewers, and Disney just didn't want to put the money into continuing the so-so series. But, Lucasfilms did, and the company has continued making that final season.

Is it worth watching? Now that Netflix will have the whole series available to viewers, you may want to jump into what Lucasfilms felt was too important not to finish (but start from the first show). There are a lot of explanations happening in the series, and a lot of questions are finally answered. If you ever felt confusion about Start Wars, this series might be want you need to fill the gaps.

Netflix Options

If you live in Canada, you should be able to access the last season of 'The Clone Wars' on March 7th along with U.S. viewers. To sign up with Netflix right now, in Canada, you are looking at a $7.99 per month with one month free. You will be locked into a contract with this Netflix package, so make sure its worth the money (that comes out to around $96 per year).

For the serious Star Wars fan (or even those that just want some further understanding of characters and plot development), the sixth season of 'The Clone Wars' is well worth watching - it is, after all, something that Lucasfilms has been working on finishing for some time now, and that has to count for something.

Did you like this series? Will you watch the last instalment? Let me know what you think of this show below.