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  • The Dell Vostro: Worth Your Business Dollars
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Buying a business system is a tough task. You can opt for a super expensive system that does everything quickly and looks pretty. Or, you can choose a system that might not look so great but still gets the job done. But, there’s a third category to be considered now. The Dell Vostro is a business PC that is fast, efficient, inexpensive, and comes packed with features you’ll love.

Dell Vostro Processor and Features

The backbone of any PC is its processor. Recently, Intel came out with the third generation Core processor called Ivy Bridge. Ivy Bridge is what you’ll find inside of the new Vostro, which means that your new PC will be equipped with the latest processor from Intel. This PC has an Intel Core i7 quad core CPU, which means that it is one lean task master machine. Not only does the Vostro come with Ivy Bridge technology, but it also has 8GB of RAM (you can go all the way up to 32GB), and a 720rpm hard drive.

Available Ports

Ports are important when running a business. After all, you’re bound to have more than one thing happening simultaneously, and two simple ports just won’t do. Dell has included ten different USB ports on the Vostro, so you’ll never run out of USB space. You’ll also find an Ethernet jack, video outputs, microphone and headphone jacks, and a nice tucked-away DVD burner. This system is also Bluetooth capable, which is really convenient in the business world, as you probably already know.

Building Onto the Vostro

One of the great things about the Vostro is that it’s easy to crack open. If you want to change up the processor or mess around with the insides of this beast, all you have to do is crack the casing. As with most other Dells, everything inside of this new Vostro is right where you’d want it to be. You don’t even have to be an engineer or technology wiz to open and replace anything inside of the new Vostro. Creating a standard-looking PC has allowed Dell to make adding onto this system easy. The only drawback here is that the Vostro won’t turn any heads.

Design and Pricing Details

The Vostro won’t win any design awards. While this PC isn’t exactly ugly, it’s not particularly eye-catching either. The Vostro comes with a matte black casing, stands as any tower does, and would easily be hard to find in the dark. It does have a nice metal Dell logo on the front panel, but that’s about the only marking that you’ll see. Dell could work on the design of the Vostro, but this is a business PC and it shouldn’t light up or glow or come in pink (unless you own a cupcake shop) anyway.

As mentioned, the Vostro earns top marks when it comes to pricing. Business oriented PCs can be very expensive. Dell makes this PC particularly accessible by placing a $949 price tag on it. If you’re searching for a business PC that’s under $1000, Dell’s Vostro is highly recommended.