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  • Heard App: Prove That You Said What You Said!
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"You said it! You just said it five minutes ago!"

"Oh yeah? Prove it!"

Does this type of dialogue sound familiar? Don't you wish you had a recording of everything that happened five or ten minutes ago? There's now an app that does that. The app is called 'Heard,' and it will record everything that happens around you all the time.

How Heard Works

Heard begins recording everything within your iPhone's "earshot" as soon as you download the app. But, instead of keeping everything in one ridiculous file, Heard uses a buffer that constantly rotates. If you don't tell the app to record something, all noises are simply thrown away. If you do tell the app to record something, you can have all the proof that you need when someone argues with you.

To use Heard, simply download the app and let it run. If there's something that was said ten minutes ago that you missed, simply open up Heard and tap on the record button. Anything that was said ten minutes ago will automatically be recorded and saved. I like everything about Heard from the concept to the way that the app works, there's just one thing I'm not so crazy about.

Heard Flashes a Banner

If you're thinking about using Heard to secretly record conversations, you may want to flip your iPhone over before you start recording. Otherwise, a large red 'Heard' banner will flash at the top of your screen - not so incognito. Unless, of course, you can convince someone that Heard is an email app or something else.

Otherwise, this app serves a good purpose and works rather well. As long as you don't have a cover blocking your iPhone speakers or some other obstacle in the way, Heard will work perfectly. What can you do with all of those audio clips?

Keeping Heard Clips

Once you've saved all the clips that you want to save, you can email; store; or post a clip via Facebook. You can also name and tag clips if you really want to embarrass the person speaking. How much do you have to pay if you want to use Heard?

Right now, the Heard app is free to try out, but you will only be able to record twelve seconds of conversation. If you want to record more moments, you will have to bump it up to the bigger package for $1.99. Not sure about Heard? Having Big Brother type of concerns about this app? Hold your horses for a second: Heard isn't dangerous.

Why? Because, an audio app can easily be run on your iPhone that doesn't have a big red banner at the top of the app. The main difference here is that Heard doesn't record all information, so you can pick and choose what you want to keep. That's all. It's not a 'Big Brother' type of situation, it's just a cool app.

Ready to check out Heard? Head to the Apple Store right now to download it and start recording.