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If you live in the United States, you will want to keep your eye on The Internet Association's new website. This website lets anyone view bills that are currently being proposed. Most of these bills will be of the technical sort (stuff like spying, privacy, and other items). Website viewers can check out proposed bills, comment on those bills, and even make line edits. What's the point?

The Internet Association's Purpose

The Internet Association is made up on companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others. Mainly, the companies that are part of this association are huge technical companies looking to lobby against certain bills. By uploading bills to the association's website, these companies are hoping to gain feedback from people in order to use those comments to show bill authors what people think.

For example, if you were to edit a current bill and point out something that's very valid, the association would take your comments to the author of that bill. Hopefully, the author would then consider what you (the people) have to say about a bill. This would, effectively, change the way that bills are formed. The question is, though, will this website work?

Is A Website Enough?

It's one thing to show members of Congress (or a bill's author) comments that have been posted and made by a member of the general population. It's another thing to actually get those people to listen to or understand comments made by random people. There's also no real way to track the website's effectiveness. The site may, or may not, prove to be useful. It's really going to be hard to tell. But, there's something else to think about too.

Does the average citizen care about new bills? While everyone should care, most people aren't concerned with bills that are formulated daily. Unless those bills are of the massive news-generating sort, most people won't visit a website in order to see what new bills are happening right now. So, the site might be useless.

To View The Site

If you are interested in bills (good for you!), you can check out The Internet Association's new website now. The site has been entirely revamped to include helpful and easy to follow instructions. Next to each bill on the site, you will see a small 'participate' section that allows you to enter your comments, name, and any other details you want to share.

Your comments could make a difference. At the very least, you can share a bill that people really should know about. Every day, tons of bills that impact the general population go completely unnoticed. If you scan the Internet Association's website regularly, you may see a bill or two that should be widespread. You might not stop a bill's author or change the mind of powerful politicians, but you can spread the word quickly.

Time and again, it has been proven that social sites such as Twitter and Reddit can change important things. Spread the word about a new bill that you find challenging, and you may just change the face of that bill one way or another.