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  • The iRig Pre

There are some pretty cool iOS gadgets on the market, and the iRig Pre is one of them. This innovative microphone/iPhone recording studio first appeared at the CES conference in Las Vegas. Now, the iRig Pre is set to hit market shelves during “Q2.” So, what, exactly, is the iRig Pre? Simply put, it’s a small microphone that comes with recording capabilities. What do you do with it? The iRig Pre plugs into any iPad or iPhone, so you can make your own tunes right at home.

Reviews coming out of CES regarding the iRig Pre are mixed. Some reviewers love this product while others are on the fence. In general, most consumers who have picked up the iRig Pre love what this powerful microphone and recording studio can do, and, hey, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than renting out recording studio space or buying your own equipment. The concept of this device is simple enough, it’s user-friendly, and it’s easy to see why the iRig Pre is getting thumbs ups across the board.

iRig Pre Includes

A simple jack plugs into your iPad or iPhone, and from there you’ll be ready to record with just a few more steps. Once plugged, users can download the free Vocalive app, which will then provide users with basic recording options (distortion, delay, pitch…). The first track that you record using Vocalive is free, but you’ll have to pay $4.99 if you want to add three additional recorded tracks to your iRig experience. The body of the microphone also comes with three various positions that can be changed according to user preferences.

After checking out some user uploaded YouTube videos, it’s clear that this little microphone kit actually does a decent job at recording songs. Whether you’re gunning to be the next American Idol or whether you just want to get your music out there, if you own an iPad or iPhone, this is one handy little mic.

The Crash Factor

Some reviewers have stated that Vocalive tends to crash frequently. However, if you use this software without running any other programs at the same time, you shouldn’t have too many problems (and, really, when you’re recording you shouldn’t be doing anything else, right?). At the very least, iRig is a great deal of fun for those who have a passion for playing an instrument, signing, or doing both at the same time. Heck, a device like this one might even prevent people who can’t sing from embarrassing themselves on the likes of certain reality TV shows (if you can’t stand the sound of your own voice, that should be a telltale sign).

As far as availability goes (just in case you’ve decided to make your musical debut), the iRig will be available (as mentioned above) during Q2. For those of you who don’t do financial speak, Q2 is anywhere from April to June. The price of the iRig Pre will be $39.95, which, again, is cheaper than building your own recording studio.