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  • The LG 55LW9800

The LG 55LW9800 is one of the largest, and most expensive 3D compatible televisions on the market. At a whopping $3,419, the screen could provide higher quality images. The television only comes in one size, 55-inches, and with such a high price, it would appear that LG has a very small target of consumers in mind.

The 3D capabilities are on par with the quality of its competitors, meaning that the picture quality is choppy and disappointing. However, the internet features of the LG 55LW9800 were much better than most of the flat-screens on the market. Overall, the LG 55LW9800 does not live up to the expectations set by its high price.


Whatever else the LG 55LW9800 might be lacking, it is beautifully designed. This 55-inch screen is incredibly thin, with a width of only 1-inch. The face is made of a single panel of glass, and sits on a swivel stand. This thin, sleek television implements nano LED back-lighting, which counts for some of the considerable cost. It is the thinnest back-lit LED on the market, half an inch thinner than the HX929, reviewed by CNET.

Image Quality

Obviously, the most important function of a television is the image quality. At such a high price, the image quality of the LG 55LW9800 leaves something to be desired. On a positive note, LG allows a full range of image adjustments, for those techies who love to tweak. There are five adjustable picture modes, three color temperature presets, 3 gamma presets, a 10-point fine color temperature control and a fine deluder control.

3D Capability

The LG 55LW9800 uses passive 3D technology, which unfortunately, doesn't work as well as the active 3D technology in similar televisions. The picture quality does suffer noticeably when in 3D mode, and there is some lagging. For those eager to get 3D viewing in their home entertainment system, this might be a good fit, but others might want to wait until the quality improves before making such a big investment.

One pretty significant advantage that the LG 55LW9800 has over its 3D capable competitors, is the 3D glasses. The TV comes with four pairs of 3D glasses, for the whole family. This is much more generous than the typical 3D TV, which usually include one or two at most. At $10 to $20, extra glasses are also much less expensive to purchase than alternatives on the market, which usually list around $80.

Internet Features

The internet features of this Smart TV is, perhaps, its most redeeming quality. LG included built-in Wi-Fi, so there is no extra cost to stream internet on your TV or use up a USB port. The applications and streaming services are incredibly easy to access and comprehensive to navigate. The Magic Motion remote, similar to the Wii controller, allows motion-controlled navigation of the menu. The Netflix menu is the only feature that didn't work with the motion control remote, but the curser buttons work just fine.

Streaming services including in the LG 55LW9800 are Netflix, Amazon Instant, Vudu, Youtube and Hulu Plus. Twitter, Skype and web browsing is also available. The only thing noticeably missing from the internet features is the lack of a Pandora app. Google Maps, Napster, MLB.tv, CinemaNow, AccuWeather and AP news are also available for a premium.