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  • Logitech Cube: Convenience In a Small Package
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Do you travel frequently for business presentations? You probably know what a pain it is to travel with all of your presentation gear, especially if you fly often. The Logitech Cube is just what you've been waiting for, combining mouse and presentation remote into one tiny little device that fits in your pocket.


It may be called the Cube, but it really isn't. It's actually a rectangle no larger than a matchbook. In size, it wins hands down over other travel mice, like the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. You can slide this little guy right into your pocket or even inside your laptop bag without worrying about added weight or bulk. It also comes with a case to keep it safe from impact during your travels, important if you fly or take a train often. It may not be the most ergonomic choice out there, but its compact size and the fact it weighs a mere .95-ounces equates to a lot less grip required to use it.

It features the standard left- and right-click buttons and touch pad surface used for scrolling, but the layout is not typical. The left-click button is on the front end of the mouse while the right-click button sits in the center. The back end of the Cube features a microUSB charging port and power switch. Go from mouse to presentation remote with ease, and in a unique way. To flip through slides in your PowerPoint presentation, hold the Cube right-side up and click the main mouse button. This will advance a slide in your presentation. If you need to go back a slide, flip the mouse upside-down and click the very same button. Very clever indeed.

A 3-inch USB-to-miniUSB charging cable recharges the Lithium Ion battery inside the Logitech Cube in a mere hour and a half. The Logitech Unifying USB adapter included in the box will connect with the Cube as well as up to six different Logitech wireless devices, like keyboards or standard wireless mice. If you have to present in a large auditorium, the Cube features a range of 85 feet.


All you need to do is charge it and it's ready to go out of the box with no added software. If you wish, you can download for free Logitech's SetPoint software which allows you to program button functions. When using the mouse, you might see a couple of issues, the first being the poor location of the touch pad. If you happen to brush its sensitive surface when going back to right-click, you're not going to click what you wanted as the page will suddenly scroll downward. Another issue discovered in testing is that if you pick it up off of the desk, it switches automatically into presentation mode. If you accidentally lift the mouse a bit off of the surface of your desk when clicking, you will end up at the bottom of the page rather than the location you were trying to click to.


For 69.99, there's no doubt that the frequent traveling presenter will find great value in this tiny little mouse. Its functions are combined wonderfully, and travels like a dream. However, if you just want a teeny little mouse for everyday use, you should probably look elsewhere.