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  • MarGenius: A Sales Person’s Best Friend
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To some, the life of a sales person looks glamorous. These people have the opportunity to fly around the world or across the country, sight see, meet new people, enjoy expensive meals – wait, that’s vacation or an episode of Mad Men. The real life of a sales person is draining, to say the least. Often, one single meeting that’s supposed to last a few hours can turn into a series of meetings that have a sales person waiting for days to accomplish. During these long waits, it’s usually very tough to find other meetings or locate other prospects.

So what’s a sales person who’s stuck in a boring town for three days with one meeting per day to do? Use MarGenius, of course! What is MarGenius? Essentially, MarGenius is a new website that lets business people locate prospects in a specific area, book meetings, and even synch current calendars and contacts. Basically, this website will become your best friend if you are a traveling sales person or traveling businessperson of any kind. Here’s how it works:

Using MarGenius

First, you’ll have to sign up for a MarGenius account (free and not time consuming at all). Then, you will be prompted to import your current contact list (don’t worry, this information is secure and confidential). After importing, you can synch your calendar and then let MarGenius find opportunities for you wherever you happen to be located. So, say that you are going to visit a plastics manufacturing plant in one town and you’d like to set up another meeting. MarGenius will show you the other plants located in the same area and possibly the same industry.

Then, using your calendar, you can set up an appointment with any of these new prospects. The whole process is simple, the MarGenius site is easy to use, and you’re sure to find this program extremely helpful. In fact, the only other way to find prospects this quickly is to Google potential leads, which, as we all know, can be very time consuming.

Currently In Beta

MarGenius is currently in beta mode, but when tested this site pulled up a number of excellent leads. Since the developers behind the site want to eventually make money with this program (right now it’s free, but I’m betting it will be a paid site soon), the leads that are provided are actually quite good. Using your current contacts, MarGenius will let you know if any other potential clients are linked to people who you already know, which will give you some kind of in. Really, the concept behind MarGenius is a brilliant one, and it’s also one that’s bound to get a lot of attention soon.

The next time you find yourself in a new town with no meetings or cancelled meetings or for any other reason, check out the MarGenius matches. You’re sure to come up with a client or two who you can visit, and this information is simply priceless. You can check out the MarGenius site today, just keep in mind that this site is still in beta.