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  • The NEX Band: A Charmed Wearable Device
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The Nex Band looks like a cross between a Pandora charm bracelet and the Nike FuelBand. It's also a fully connected wearable device that you won't be ashamed to wear. Take a look.

Coloured For Your Life

Here's how it works: small square pieces called 'Mods' snap onto the Nex bracelet. The Montreal-based company, Mighty Cast, describes the bracelet as "...a high-end fashion accessory..." one that's also a wrist console. The bracelet, and Mods, are connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone device. From there, the Mods receive tons of information about you (like your social networks, text messages, and other bits), and light up in different patterns to signify various messages.

The more Mods you buy, the better the bracelet works. Mighty Cast is also hoping that people will swap Mods, since these small charm-like pieces will be enhanced by swapping (so says the Mighty Cast site). The bracelet is compatible with Android and iOS devices that support Bluetooth 4.0. The bracelet also works with computers.

Will It Work?

Here's the thing about the wearable tech market: it's becoming gimmicky and saturated. Those two things combined make this a market that many companies will burst into (backed by some kind of funding), catch a quick fire, and then quickly fizzle out. Will Mighty Cast manage to capture the wearable tech crowd and hold attention for longer than a few months?

Mighty Cast got enough press coverage this morning when the company sent out a press release, but a lot of tech reviewers (including this one) remain pessimistic. In this reviewer's opinion, Mighty Tech is reaching too far with swapping Mods and trying to make this bracelet a gaming device all rolled into one - plus, the site leaves most a little confused.

What, exactly, does this digital charm bracelet do?

Not Entirely Clear

It connects to your phone, gets "more intelligent" the more you wear it (and swap it), decodes secret text messages, and lights up with LED capability in secret patterns when you get a notification. Yeah, it does all of that - but you have to buy the Mods separately (it comes with just a few), and the whole business plan seems overly optimistic.

The Nex Band has the ability to capture user attention because it's nice to look at (take a look at the photo above), but I'm not sure that it will actually catch on with more than the teenage fashion crowd - but that might be Nex Band's market. Regardless, it's a fun device that was built by a startup with (clearly) a lot of enthusiasm and hope for the wearable tech space.

The question is: would you pay $50 (pre-order) to purchase this bracelet? Wait, there's another question: how much will additional Mods cost?

What do you think of the Nex Band? Is this something worth buying, or is it just another piece of wearable tech that's nothing more than a trendy gimmick? I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you think the Nex Band is all about!