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  • The Oontz XL: A Decent Wireless Speaker Option
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This summer saw many portable Bluetooth speakers. More than a handful of these speakers are sub-par, and some of them are decent. The OontZ XL is one of the decent sort. The thing that makes this speaker stand out is its overall design.

The OontZ XL was designed for portability, and that's what you'll get if you purchase this portable speaker option. What else? Here's a look inside the OontZ XL portable Bluetooth speaker.


It's really frustrating when a recent Bluetooth speaker takes hours to connect, or doesn't connect well at all. This isn't the case with the OontZ XL. Connectivity is fast and sharp, and there's even a backup plan in case you so have some kind of issue connecting.

The OontZ XL includes a minijack speaker that can be plugged in if something happens with your Bluetooth. SO, you won't be left completely in the dark if you have a hard time connecting. This speaker also comes with a built-in mic, so you can make calls through the speaker if you want to - you do have to lean over in order to talk into the OontZ XL, so keep this in mind.

Battery Life

What good is a wireless speaker that dies before you really get to listen to a lot of tunes? Not good at all; but the OontZ XL doesn't have this problem. This speaker's battery can go for 10 full hours on one charge. That's not enough time for a three-day rager, but it should satisfy any casual dinner party atmosphere requirement nicely.


Okay, let's not kid ourselves: wireless Bluetooth speakers do not have the best sound. But, that's not the purpose of these speakers either. The wireless speakers we've seen on the market lately come with decent sound, but the portability of the speaker is really the selling point. So go into the OontZ XL knowing that it's not going to replace your surround sound system.

That said, the one drawback to the OontZ XL is that you can't really get the volume so low that music is barely detected. If you are going to host a dinner party, keep this speaker in another room for music that doesn't take over.

Pricing and Availability

The OontZ XL can be yours for $149.99. The OontZ XL has surprisingly good sound, is compact enough to carry around, and comes with a great design. Plus, Bluetooth connectivity is a snap, and this speaker does have that built-in mic. For all of that, $149 isn't a bad price - and you can get this speaker cheaper than that if you do some digging (I saw some for $99 and lower online).

Cambridge Soundworks has a reputation to uphold,and the OontZ XL does the company proud as far as wireless speaker options go. Will this replace your home stereo system? No. Will it be a great little speaker that you can carry around with you? Yes. Love it? Hate it? Would you buy it? Sound off below!